Gatwick Airport (EGKK) announced for MSFS by iniBuilds and Origami Studios

A full virtual depiction of London Gatwick Airport, in the UK, is coming to Flight Simulator this summer. To be born from a partnership between iniBuilds and Origami Studios, EGKK will come as a significant upgrade from the same product already available for X-Plane.

Gatwick is one of the UK’s and Europe’s busiest airports, with over 40 million passengers moving through its gates each year. As one of the 6 international airports around London, Gatwick sees a lot of traffic from all over the world, mostly from low-cost airlines. In fact, Gatwick is a major hub for Easyjet, which is the dominant airline in the airport.

This new project from iniBuilds and Origami Studios will be the first high-quality third-party recreation of Gatwick Airport for the new Flight Simulator. There’s a rather good freeware version of the airport that has been available for a few months, but surely a new version payware version will be welcome for those looking to fly a big jet into this major international hub.

Gatwick Airport EGKK MSFS Flight Simulator 1

Gatwick Airport EGKK MSFS Flight Simulator 5

Gatwick Airport EGKK MSFS Flight Simulator 4

Gatwick Airport EGKK MSFS Flight Simulator 3

The developers are promising a product that supports the base features of MSFS, augmented by a highly accurate and detailed depiction of the buildings, ground structures and textures of the airport, including new additions such as the new A380 pier and construction works around Pier 6.

Gatwick Airport for Microsoft Flight Simulator will be coming this summer, although we have no indication of a specific date. In any case, stay tuned for further news, and in the meantime enjoy the few preview images that were shared by the developers.