Orbx releases Van Nuys Airport for MSFS, the largest and busiest GA airport in the world

Shortly after the announcement last week, Orbx has now released KVNY Van Nuys Airport for MSFS. Created by developer Matteo Veneziani, this is a comprehensive virtual version of Van Nuys, often regarded as the largest and busiest general aviation airport in the world.

Van Nuys is located in California, hosting around 230.000 aircraft movements per year. It was built in 1928 and served as a military base during World War II, just like many other civilian airports did at the time.

Nowadays, Van Nuys Airport is often used for media productions and has a bustling economic activity with more than 200 businesses operating within its premises. It is also home to many FBO’s, and they have been recreated in this scenery as well.

Van Nuys Airport KVNY MSFS 9

Van Nuys Airport KVNY MSFS 8

Van Nuys Airport KVNY MSFS 7

Van Nuys Airport KVNY MSFS 6

Van Nuys Airport KVNY MSFS 5

Van Nuys Airport KVNY MSFS 4

Van Nuys Airport KVNY MSFS 3

Van Nuys Airport KVNY MSFS 2

Van Nuys Airport KVNY MSFS 1

The developer made extensive use of PBR textures and high-resolution artworks, with many details scattered around the place that gives Van Nuys an authentic feel. Detailed static aircraft have been placed around the airport, and care has been given in the depiction of some important landmarks in the location, such as the 94th Aero Squadron Restaurant or the Los Angeles Fire Department.

This recreation of Van Nuys for Flight Simulator also features a selection of custom animations that help to raise the immersion levels: rotating AC fans, wig-wag and beacon lights, and more.

KVNY Van Nuys is now available through Orbx Direct for US$17.14 | €14,36 | £12.29