Orbx releases freeware Landmarks Taipei Xinyi District, in a partnership with NVIDIA

Well, today really is a good day for our fellow pilots in Asia. After the launch of Hong Kong International Airport, we now see Orbx releasing a generous freeware scenery pack for Taipei, the capital of Taiwan. This is a release made in partnership with NVIDIA, and comes just in time to celebrate this year’s Computex, which takes place in the city.

Landmarks Taipei Xinyi District comes in line with the Landmarks series from Orbx, which now covers a good and growing variety of cities all around the world. This free release is somewhat of a “light” Landmarks pack, including just 18 key points of interested, rather than the many dozens that usually come with the paid packs.

The partnership between Orbx and NVIDIA comes with a recommendation to use the elusive GeForce RTX 30 Series graphics cards for best visuals and performance. A recommendation that anyone can get behind, if you can find one without selling a kidney!

Orbx Taipei Taiwan MSFS 6

Orbx Taipei Taiwan MSFS 4

Orbx Taipei Taiwan MSFS 3

Orbx Taipei Taiwan MSFS 2

Orbx Taipei Taiwan MSFS 1

Landmarks Taipei Xinyi District includes many of Taipei’s most famous buildings, including Taipei 101, once the tallest skyscrapers in the world. Check the entire list below for more details about what’s included.

Landmarks Taipei Xinyi District is now available for free through Orbx Direct.

POI’s Include:

  • Taipei 101
  • Taipei Nanshan Plaza
  • Cathay Landmark
  • Farglory Financial Center
  • Taipei City Hall
  • Taipei World Trade Center
  • International Trade Building
  • W Hotel Taipei
  • Hua Nan Bank World Trade Building
  • Cathay Financial Center
  • Taipei Dome
  • Agora Garden
  • Kelti Group Headquarters
  • National Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Memorial Hall
  • Chinese Petroleum Building
  • President Enterprise Corporation Tower
  • Taipei Sky Tower
  • Fubon Group Xinyi Headquarters