This free Kennedy Space Center scenery addon will bring you closer to a rocket than ever

Ever wanted to go to Kennedy Space Center and watch in awe as a huge rockets shoots to the stars? Well now you can be a little bit closer to that experience, at least in a virtual world.

Aquila Simulations has recreated the iconic Kennedy Space Center for MSFS, with six main elements around the Center:  VAB Building, the Launch Control Building next to the VAB, Launch Complex 39A & 39B, Falcon Heavy Rocket and the SpaceX Rocket Assembly building at the foot of 39A. The developers promise that more buildings and assets will be updated at a future time. But for the extraordinarily price of FREE, we are already very happy to fly around Falcon Heavy in a measly Cessna.

As always, installation is as easy as placing the files in your MSFS Community folder. And don’t forget to check our Freeware section for more cool free stuff.