Orbx releases revamped Olbia Costa Smeralda Airport for MSFS

Continuing a trend of revitalizing its classic airport offerings, Orbx has released yet another significant airport upgrade for Microsoft Flight Simulator. Hot on the heels of the release of Leeds Bradford Airport v2, the Australian scenery developer and publisher has now introduced a completely overhauled version of LIEO Olbia Costa Smeralda Airport. This latest release, LIEO v2, is not merely an update but a comprehensive transformation, infusing the popular Sardinian holiday destination with Veneziani’s Italian craftsmanship and attention to detail.

LIEO v2 is a major enhancement over its predecessor, featuring a complete revamp of the entire airport. The upgrade extends to every element of the airport, ensuring that nothing from the original version remains untouched. For example, airport buildings have been remastered with high-quality 4K textures, and the terminal now features an interior populated with passengers.

Orbx LIEO v2 MSFS 1

Orbx LIEO v2 MSFS 3

Orbx LIEO v2 MSFS 9

Orbx LIEO v2 MSFS 2

Orbx LIEO v2 MSFS 6

Orbx LIEO v2 MSFS 8

Orbx LIEO v2 MSFS 7

This new version of LIEO includes high-definition ground service equipment vehicles and a new “fire bomber” static aircraft. The airport’s layout has been updated to reflect its 2023 state, including an extended runway and a new taxiway.

The scope of the upgrade extends beyond the airport boundaries. Veneziani has intricately modeled the famous Olbia Harbor, complete with iconic ferries, and numerous city landmarks. Additionally, the package includes the San Teodoro Airfield, a charming addition for general aviation enthusiasts exploring Sardinia.

LIEO v2 is now available for MSFS, priced at around €15.00 plus applicable tax. Customers who own the original version of LIEO can upgrade to the new version at a 60% discount.

Orbx LIEO v2 MSFS 4

Key Features:

  • The whole airport has been revamped – nothing left from v1
  • Remastered all airport buildings with new 4k textures and details
  • Added terminal interior with passengers
  • Added new and more details about the airport
  • Some airport buildings and airport objects have been completely rebuilt from scratch
  • Added new high-def GSE vehicles
  • Added new high-def “fire bomber” static aircraft
  • 2023 layout with new high-quality ground textures
  • Added a new extended runway with a new taxiway
  • Fully modeled famous “Olbia Harbor” with iconic ferries
  • Modeled numerous POIs of the city of Olbia
  • Bonus airfields included (San Teodoro Airfield), the gateway of GA airplanes for Sardinia
  • Highly optimized for performance
  • New high-quality animated jetways with custom sounds