MSFS roadmap gets detailed, new Sim and World updates incoming

The Microsoft Flight Simulator team has outlined its upcoming roadmap of new content and platform updates in an exciting development update. The team remains committed to enhancing the current version of the simulator, despite the announcement of Microsoft Flight Simulator 2024, just like Jorg and Seb told us during our interview at FSExpo.

As stated in the July 6th development roadmap, July and the ensuing months are filled with surprises and fresh content. On the heels of the recent City Update 03 focused on Texas, our eyes are now set on Local Legend 11 and World Update 14, scheduled for July 25th. Although the specifics are yet to be announced, the last development livestream hinted at the inclusion of Eastern European countries in the upcoming World Update, with a captivating screenshot of Prague.

Following this, City Update 4 is set to launch on August 23rd, but there’s no indication at that point of what those cities might be. Simultaneously, we should see the launch of another Local Legend aircraft, number 12 in the series. In fact, the MSFS team has a new Local Legend aircraft slated for release in each of the upcoming months, so there won’t be a lack of new affordable classic airplanes to fly in the simulator.

MSFS roadmap summer 2023

Further ahead, Sim Update 13 is planned for September 21st. It was previously aimed at a release in August, but it appears to have been pushed back a few weeks. The MSFS team remains tight-lipped about the changes it will contain.

Another highlight in the roadmap is the World Update 15, slated for release in late October. While the team has kept the specifics under wraps, speculation is rife with a potential focus on Brazil or even an unexplored region on the African continent. We’ll have to wait for exact details on an upcoming Developer Live Stream.

These forthcoming updates show Microsoft’s commitment to improving the player experience in their current Flight Simulator. As we wait for the anticipated launch of MSFS 2024, it’s clear that simmers will continue to have a lot of platform updates to look forward to in the coming months!