A2A Simulations showcases its astonishing Comanche in MSFS, likely coming in July

Well, we knew this would be pretty special. A2A Simulations presentation at FlightSimExpo was a breathtaking preview of the developer’s first product for Microsoft Flight Simulator, the Piper Comanche 250, in 20 minutes of pure bliss based on a recent conversation between A2A’s CEO Scott Gentile and our friend twotonemurphy.

During the whole video, Scott Gentile reiterated the company’s innovative approach to crafting realistic airplane simulations that have garnered A2A so many fans throughout the years. Their recent advancements in MSFS promise to push the boundaries of realism and bring an unparalleled level of accuracy and detail to virtual aircraft models!

We’ve always crafted airplanes that flew accurately. They adhered to the numbers, and we prided ourselves on the depth we achieved,” Gentile began, “But there’s a long journey from producing a plane that flies by the numbers, to one that feels real.”

Gentile continued to elucidate the subtleties of accurate flight modeling, expressing that it’s not just about adhering to the numbers in the manual. The team at A2A Simulations has gone a step further, revealing an entire world of flight performance that doesn’t exist in the manual.

“The aerodynamic system we developed allows the simulation of details like the landing flare, the feeling of landing any airplane, be it a Piper J3, Piper Comanche, Lancair, Aerostar, or any other,” Gentile explained.

Scott also described in-depth the sensation of aircraft takeoffs, emphasizing the change in feeling as the aircraft gains speed and transitions from the ground to the air.

But A2A Simulations didn’t stop at flight dynamics. They delved into the details, simulating the maintenance and wear-and-tear of an actual aircraft. They’ve managed to bring to life the “organic” feel of an engine with unprecedented complexity.

“We simulate the internal components of the engine in-depth,” Gentile revealed. “For instance, we demonstrate different engine starts in various conditions. We even show how a cold engine behaves, or how a weak cylinder might misfire.”

a2a piper comanche msfs 2

A2A Simulations has also incorporated an interactive walk-around, enabling users to examine the airplane’s exterior, interact with control surfaces, check the fuel levels, inspect oil color, and even load baggage into the aircraft.

“To really appreciate our attention to detail, just listen to the sounds when you add or drain fuel from the tanks, or the sound of a knot being untied,” Gentile said, showcasing the impressive auditory experience that accompanies the visual and interactive realism.

Gentile ended up expressing his enthusiasm about delivering such a realistic flight experience within Microsoft’s simulation environment. He said, “To experience this inside Microsoft’s awesome world is for us a dream come true.”

The A2A Comanche for MSFS is set to be a transformative approach to flight simulation that stands to significantly enhance pilot training and proficiency by offering a near-real-world experience within a controlled, safe environment. A2A is now in the final stages of development for this project and expects to release the Comanche for MSFS in July!