FSLabs nears completion of its Concorde for P3D – MSFS simmers, here’s why you should care

We’ve been patiently tracking the progress of Flight Sim Labs’ ongoing projects, waiting to see when one of their renowned airliners finally makes its way into Microsoft Flight Simulator. One of such projects is the Concorde, which is known to be in advanced development for P3D… and planned to come to MSFS after that! Today we bring you some exciting news about this project, which seems to be nearing completion as it enters beta testing for P3D. Is it time to prepare for its MSFS rollout too?

As FSLabs’ Andrew Wilson noted today in the latest development update from the team, recreating the Concorde is not for the faint-hearted. Famous for its complex flight deck and intricate systems among commercial jet airliners, the Concorde demands more than just technical skill—it requires dedication, an intricate understanding of the aircraft’s operations, and an unwavering commitment to detail. Something FSLabs should be more than capable of.

One of the highlights of this update is the team’s breakthrough in material rendering, an area that posed unique challenges due to the Concorde’s specially coated instrument glass. FSLabs is using these development advancements to render the ambient lighting effects within the cockpit in great detail as well. The team shared a few preview images of this effect in P3D, which look decidedly impressive for such an old platform. Now imagine how this will look in MSFS!

FSLabs Concorde P3D coming to MSFS 5

FSLabs Concorde P3D coming to MSFS 3

FSLabs Concorde P3D coming to MSFS 2

A fascinating facet of FSLabs’ Concorde project is the team’s commitment to simulating the analog nature of the Concorde. In contrast to the digital cockpits we’re accustomed to today, the Concorde’s flight deck was a realm of paper charts and navigation logs, which pilots used alongside the Inertial Navigation System. Instead of seeing this as an obstacle, FSLabs embraced it as a unique opportunity to transport simmers back in time and immerse them in the world of analog navigation.

By recreating the paper-based materials used by Concorde pilots, they aim to provided a more genuine experience that beautifully encapsulates the era of Concorde’s operation. These authentic, meticulously rendered charts will highlight Concorde’s scheduled routes, navigation aids, and other pertinent information, thus adding depth and nuance to the simulation.

Moreover, the charts are time and airline-specific, enabling simmers to experience the flight deck operations of different periods and airlines, from British Airways of the late ’70s to Air France in the early ’80s.

FSLabs Concorde P3D coming to MSFS 1

But the attention to detail in the upcoming Concorde from FSLabs doesn’t end there. The simulation will delve even deeper into the flight planning process, simulating everything from fuel calculations and performance data to weather analysis and route optimization. This promises a holistic simulation experience that perfectly complements the supersonic nature of the Concorde.

As we wait for the P3D release and its subsequent MSFS launch, the snapshots shared today by FSLabs are a promise of the rich, immersive experience that lies ahead. It will undoubtedly take the team a while longer to bring their vision to MSFS, but it seems clear that they are committed to delivering a product that mirrors the complexity, beauty, and sophistication of the Concorde. It’s not quite here yet, but it’s probably time to start following this project more closely from now on!