OnAir: manage your own MSFS airline company

OnAir Airline Manager is a relatively new platform where you can create your own airline company and fly in Flight Simulator. It’s a “persistent world” addon that connects to your flight simulator and hosts your airline company. And it’s a great way to give some meaning to the endless world of possibilites in MSFS.

In OnAir you will manage all aspect related to the operation of an airline, from buying and renting aircraft, hiring employees, handling cargo and passengers, etc. All in real time and on a live map. You can find jobs and fly them in the simulator, and everything is tracked and integrated in the system. There’s even a skill tree, where XP gained during flights can be used to unlock new features.

The goal, as in any business, is to make more money than expenses, which will allow the airline to grow, buy bigger planes, and carry more passengers and cargo. All the expenses associated with every flight must be taken into account: fuel costs, rental charges, landing fees, and so on. And a lot of care must be taken to choose the right aircraft for the variety of jobs at hand.

It’s a similar system to the better known FSEconomy (which currently isn’t accepting new registrations, due to high demand), but here with a much better interface and apparently in more active development. Unfortunately, unlike FSEconomy, OnAir isn’t free. Although there a 7-Day free trial, there’s an ongoing cost of using the platform, which can be purchased through packs of months, with the longer period becoming quite accessible (for a 24-month subscription you’ll pay 57€, which is around 2.38€/month). It’s a good deal in our opinion, considering how deep OnAir can be and how much it can do to give some purpose to your flights in the simulator. Here are the available subscription options:

OnAir: Airline Manager – 24 Months Access
OnAir: Airline Manager – 12 Months Access
OnAir: Airline Manager – 6 Months Access
OnAir: Airline Manager – 3 Months Access
OnAir: Airline Manager – 1 Months Access

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