PMDG Previews the Hot Brakes on the Upcoming Boeing 777 for MSFS

PMDG’s journey towards the release of the Boeing 777 for Microsoft Flight Simulator continues to captivate the flight simulation community. Following two status updates that highlighted the beta testing phase and teased the cockpit’s intricate details, the latest dispatch from Robert Randazzo delivers fresh insights into the beta’s progress, alongside developments across PMDG’s broader product range.

This update places a significant emphasis on the 777, detailing its current state, while also touching upon enhancements to the 737 for PC and Xbox, and future plans for liveries.

Latest on the 777’s Development

Randazzo’s update brings the 777 once again into the spotlight, revealing that another beta version is set to be dispatched to the testing team. This marks a critical juncture in the beta phase, with a balance between resolving existing issues and the testers’ knack for uncovering new ones. With 541 reports opened and 432 resolved, the development team is navigating through a transitional phase, inching closer to a phase where the focus will shift towards aspirational features and refinements for the final product.

A notable highlight from today’s update is the detailed work on the 777’s brake system. Randazzo shares a behind-the-scenes look at the process of tuning the brake energy response to match real-world data. This includes implementing visual effects to simulate the glowing brakes. They look hot!

Updates on the 737 and Xbox Liveries

While the 777 remains a focal point, the update also highlights ongoing improvements to the PMDG 737 for MSFS, including the integration of features from the 777 into the 737’s tablet interface. This initiative aims to provide users with more intuitive control options. Additionally, Randazzo addresses the progress in resolving communication issues for the Xbox version of the 737, alongside future plans to expand the range of liveries available to Xbox users post-777 release.

More to Come

Randazzo’s update concludes with a forward-looking perspective, hinting at the continuous development efforts beyond the immediate release of the 777. He teases new features under exploration, such as the alternate gear extension process and the main gear steering actuators, promising to add further depth to this highly-anticipated aircraft simulation for Microsoft Flight Simulator.