Orbx finally releases YMML Melbourne International Airport for Microsoft Flight Simulator

Here’s an airport many have been waiting for in MSFS. Melbourne International Airport, the second busiest in Australia, has now been released by none other than Orbx. The also Australian studio has pulled back the curtain on its meticulous representation of Australia’s international hub, also known as Tullamarine Airport, located just a few miles away from Orbx’s own headquarters at Essendon Fields.

Melbourne International Airport serves as the primary airport for the city of Melbourne. The airport has four terminals – one international, two domestic, and one budget domestic terminal – and offers flights to 33 domestic destinations, as well as destinations across the Pacific, Europe, Asia, North America, and South America.

Orbx’s rendition of Melbourne International Airport is nothing short of impressive. The team has managed to create a detailed and realistic rendition of the airport as it stood last May, ensuring that simmers will see a very up-to-date virtual scenery that closely matches its real-world counterpart.

The list of features is very impressive and includes photorealistic buildings, interior modeling, VDGS and custom traffic animations, crisp satellite imagery for the surrounding area, custom taxiway signs and lighting, hundreds of hand-placed objects and custom points of interest, and much more!

Here are the key features of Orbx’s Melbourne International Airport:

  • Detailed depiction of YMML airport and immediate surroundings
  • Realistic custom groundpoly reflecting layout as of May 2023
  • PBR texturing throughout 
  • Photorealistic buildings throughout the airport including the iconic 2 towers, maintenance hangars and more.
  • Interior terminal modelling of departure lounges
  • VDGS and custom traffic animations
  • Meticulously hand-edited aerial imagery
  • Custom taxiway signs and lighting
  • Detailed recreation of Melbourne Jet Base with interior and static model of the restored DC-3, Kanana
orbx ymml melbourne airport msfs 2
  • Densely placed custom-made GSE, vehicles and other apron clutter.
  • Includes custom POIs such as the Airservices Australia compound, landside hotels, carparks, Maccas and Mercedes-Benz dealership with helipad
  • Entire airport optimised with LODs
  • Realistic taxiway lighting with each taxi light at its proper location and direction.
  • 155 custom-made taxi signs
  • More than 12,000 (!) accurately placed cars landside (optimized for performance and optional)
  • More than 1400 accurately placed streetlights
  • Elevated roadways – among them the new ones currently under construction and planning.
  • Orbx Central configuration to activate/deactivate individual content to your liking and system’s capabilities like dense car parks, VDGS and more

For those keen to experience this high-fidelity recreation of Melbourne International Airport, the scenery is now available for purchase directly through Orbx at $34.95 AUD (approximately US$23.78 | €21,77 | £18.60).