Creative Mesh releases U70 Cascade Airport for MSFS

Idaho, the “Gem State”, is known for its natural beauty, with unique and varied landscapes that offer plenty of exciting flying opportunities for flight simmers. With a deep and often inaccessible backcountry, the state is filled with small strips that are just perfect for bush pilots who enjoy the challenge of getting in and out of tight spots with specialized bush aircraft.

If you are that kind of pilot (I know I am!) then the latest release from Creative Mesh may be of interest. U70 Cascade Airport, located right by Cascade Lake, is not exactly a small, unprepared airstrip, but is rather an ideal launching point for those seeking to venture into the iconic Idaho mountains!

Creative Mesh is perhaps most known for its creations for Farming Simulator, but they’ve also dabbled in scenery creation for MSFS. Their airports so far have featured impeccable attention to detail with highly detailed buildings and assets, textured with the latest PBR standards. These include 3U2 Johnson Creek, 0U3 Mahoney Creek, 2U8 Thomas Creek, and U60 Big Creek. U70 Cascade Airport seems to follow the same path and offer an immersive rendition of the airport.

U70 Cascade Airport MSFS 6

Cascade Airport, found 2 miles southeast of Cascade, sits at an elevation of 4748 ft. It’s open to the public, but with no control tower. With an average of 25 aircraft operations a day, the airport is mainly used for air taxi services, which make use of the 4300 feet-long runway.

The developers have incorporated meticulous details into the virtual version of the U70 Cascade Airport. The detailed buildings and textures beautifully recreate the Arnold Aviation Service and surrounding hangars. Animated objects such as flags and people bring the airport to life and add a layer of realism that has become a hallmark of Creative Mesh’s offerings.

Moreover, the developers have taken great care to include the surroundings of the airport. They have added the Cascade Food Pantry, High Mountain Storage, Alzar School, and Cascade Depot.

U70 Cascade Airport MSFS 9

U70 Cascade Airport MSFS 8

U70 Cascade Airport MSFS 5

U70 Cascade Airport MSFS 4

U70 Cascade Airport MSFS 3

U70 Cascade Airport MSFS 2

U70 Cascade Airport MSFS 1

From the outset, it seems the Creative Mesh team has delivered another stunning addition to the Microsoft Flight Simulator that appears to capture the essence and charm of the small but important Cascade Airport in Idaho.

U70 Cascade Airport is now available for Microsoft Flight Simulator, priced at just $12.99.


  • Detailed assets with PBR textures and LOD
  • Highly detailed landscape
  • Adapted environment around the airfield
  • Animated hangars to open and close (via yoke clickspot)
  • Animated custom windsocks partially illuminated (according to real model)
  • Custom runway lights
  • Animated people around the airstrip

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