Verticalsim releases KONT – Ontario International Airport for Microsoft Flight Simulator

California’s aviation infrastructure in Microsoft Flight Simulator just got an important boost today with the release of KONT – Ontario International Airport. This new airport is brought to us by Verticalsim and follows other locations such as Tampa and Syracuse.

Located in Southern California, the Ontario International Airport (ONT) presents a viable and picturesque alternative to LAX, making it a sought-after choice for both real-world and virtual pilots navigating the SoCal region. Verticalsim’s rendition promises to capture the essence of this busy and vibrant airport with an eye for detail and accuracy.

With an authentic 2023 portrayal of ONT, Verticalsim has infused an array of features designed to provide a realistic flying experience for MSFS simmers. This includes custom taxi signs to guide pilots on the ground and several animations, including an ASR radar. To preserve high FPS rates, Verticalsim has implemented smart use of parallax on non-essential areas, along with LOD optimizations.

Verticalsim Kont Ontario Airport MSFS 7.jpg

Verticalsim Kont Ontario Airport MSFS 6.jpg

Verticalsim Kont Ontario Airport MSFS 5.jpg

Verticalsim Kont Ontario Airport MSFS 4.jpg

Verticalsim Kont Ontario Airport MSFS 3.jpg

Verticalsim Kont Ontario Airport MSFS 1.jpg

The release also includes Taxi/ATC taxi routing for your favorite AI traffic addons, custom jetways adorned with gate and number placards, and realistic lighting.

Ontario International Airport is known for its substantial cargo operations and is a hub for several major cargo carriers. The airport’s strategic location and less crowded air and ground space compared to LAX make it a favored option for many pilots and airlines. These characteristics also make it an exciting location for flight simmers looking for new challenges and experiences when flying in the very busy California airspace!

KONT – Ontario International MSFS is out now for MSFS, priced at $19.99 through Contrail.

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