FSimStudios releases CYYC Calgary International Airport for MSFS

Calgary International Airport (CYYC), one of Canada’s busiest air hubs, has just been faithfully reimagined by FSimStudios for Microsoft Flight Simulator. The new release promises to provide an immersive and richly detailed experience that transports simmers into the heart of Alberta’s bustling aviation scene in what FSimStudios is claiming to be their newest “flagship” product.

At first glance, CYYC’s rendition by FSimStudios brings a host of high-quality features to the table. The airport is accurately represented, with sharp, high-resolution textures offering a visually compelling environment, while the detailed interiors of piers A, B, C, D, and E ensure a more realistic terminal experience.

The surrounding city isn’t overlooked either. The inclusion of Calgary Tower, with promises of more downtown buildings soon, extends the custom scenery beyond the airport borders. The modeling of Crossiron Mills and New Horizons Mall on the approach to RWY17 L/R are also interesting as they serve as a fitting welcome to simmers flying into the city.

CYYC Calgary Airport MSFS 4.jpg

CYYC Calgary Airport MSFS 3.jpg

CYYC Calgary Airport MSFS 2.jpg

CYYC Calgary Airport MSFS 1.jpg

FSimStudios seem to have been quite comprehensive in the list of features implemented in this scenery. There is, for example, a GSX Profile with animated deicing pads (GSX is obviously required), or an animated Stampede Fireworks Show which, in July, from 11PM to Midnight, starts a fireworks display on approach to RWY35 L/R.

The developers are also planning to add a functional Visual Docking Guidance System in this airport in an upcoming v1.1 update.

Finally, the product configurator allows users to customize their experience by enabling or disabling various elements like static aircraft, ground service equipment, terminal interiors, and more.

Calgary International Airport by FSimStudios should be an impressive addition to the library of major Canadian airports currently available in MSFS. It’s available now, priced at $21.49 USD.

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