//42 releases Stripr, a loading screen replacement utility for Microsoft Flight Simulator

//42’s imaginative and forward-thinking approach to add-on creation has continually pushed the boundaries of what simmers can do in Microsoft Flight Simulator. Flow and Campout are prime examples of this in totally different ways, and the team continues to come up with new ideas! Their latest release, Stripr, continues this philosophy by transforming the loading screens in Microsoft Flight Simulator, promising to make them more interesting, informative, and perhaps even a source of inspiration to plot your next destination!

One of the key goals of Stripr is to alleviate what Parallel 42 terms “loading screen anxiety.” This refers to the frustration users may feel when they’re unsure if the simulator has locked up during loading. Stripr addresses this issue by providing a smooth and uninterrupted loading experience that communicates more clearly the loading progress.

And how did //42 decide to sweeten these loading stages in MSFS? By replacing them with stunning satellite imagery from all over the world, with airport ICAO’s that users can reference as inspiration for future flights. Stripr also includes a feature called Cinematic Zoom, which can be enabled in the settings. It does what it says it does and enhances these screens even further with some cool and dynamic movement.

Parallel 42 Stripr loading screen MSFS 6.png

Parallel 42 Stripr loading screen MSFS 5.png

Parallel 42 Stripr loading screen MSFS 1.png

Parallel 42 Stripr loading screen MSFS 4.png

Parallel 42 Stripr loading screen MSFS 2.png

Stripr allows users to customize their loading screen experience by choosing the airports they want to see. Whether you prefer airports of a certain size or from a particular country, Stripr puts you in control.

For users who utilize SimBrief for flight planning, Stripr offers integration that displays the planned route as the simulator loads into the starting airport.

Stripr also comes with a few low-key but potentially game-changing bonus tools, such as the ability to skip MSFS intros, suppress network disconnect popups, and bypass Sim Update prompts!

//42 is at it again with a utility that will undoubtedly breathe life into some of the typically mundane moments of flight simulation. Stripr is available right now from //42’s brand new website, priced at €13,95 + applicable taxes.