Flight1 releases AnyoneFly, a toolkit to enhance exploration in MSFS and create your own adventures!

The words “unique” and “innovative” are often thrown around rather loosely in the world of flight simulation. However, every once in a while, a product comes along that seems to properly earn these superlatives. Flight1’s latest offering, AnyoneFly, looks to be exactly that. This suite of tools has the potential to transform your MSFS experience, opening up new possibilities for exploration, discovery, and even content creation. It’s available now for a discounted early adopter price of $19.95.

At its core, AnyoneFly is a comprehensive toolset that allows you to experience the MSFS world in ways you may never have before. From teleporting to any of the millions of locations included in its databases to setting up exciting flight adventures, AnyoneFly is designed to bring out the best that MSFS has to offer. It provides an avenue for pilots to discover the world, challenge themselves, and share their experiences with the global community of simmers.

AnyoneFly puts the world at your fingertips, with three different databases of world geographical information that cover millions of locations across various categories. These databases offer a wealth of information about mountains, rivers, cities, parks, airports, heliports, and seaplane ports, and even provide Wikipedia data on points of interest.

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Coupled with the adventure/flight system built on top of these databases, you can embark on exciting escapades, visiting subsets of locations around the world, and creating visually engaging plans and adventures.

Flight1 says that AnyoneFly is more than just a tool for exploration; it’s also a platform for content creation. The product comes with an adventure composer tool that requires no programming experience. Users can create their own adventures, complete with navigation instructions, basic ATC, and even voiceovers.

The toolset also includes an AI Scene Studio for creating animated scenes featuring animals, boats, vehicles, or airport workers, adding another layer of realism and immersion to your adventures.

Another cool feature of AnyoneFly is its capability to create weather themes. You can place thunderstorms, create hurricanes, and create themes based on METAR reports.

AnyoneFly is available for around $30,00 USD.

Flight1 encourages prospecting buyers to watch the videos that have been published on the company’s Youtube channel, which present some of the cool capabilities of the tool.

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