Northern Sky Studio launches Wrangell Airport, a new airport in Alaska for MSFS

Northern Sky Studio, the talented developer who is bringing us an increasing selection of detailed airports in Hawaii and Alaska, has released its latest creation for Microsoft Flight Simulator: Wrangell Airport (PAWG) in Southeast Alaska. This meticulously detailed replica showcases the state-owned public-use airport, located just one nautical mile (2 km) northeast of Wrangell’s central business district. Wrangell, a city and borough in Alaska, has no road access to the outside world and relies on aviation as a vital lifeline.

Wrangell Airport is an essential stop for Alaska Airlines, Alaska Seaplanes, and various private and business aviation operators. Alaska Airlines operates daily Boeing 737-700 passenger and Boeing 737-700 passenger/cargo jet service from the airport. The airport is a significant part of the “Milk Run,” a daily circuit of Alaska Airlines flights connecting towns in Southeast Alaska. Flight 65, one of the Milk Run routes, starts in Seattle and stops in Ketchikan, Wrangell, Petersburg, and Juneau before landing in Anchorage.

Northern Sky Studio’s virtual Wrangell Airport features an impressive list of features that bring the airport to life in Microsoft Flight Simulator. The developer claims that this scenery includes a very detailed replica of the airport’s buildings and vehicles, from the terminal building to ground support equipment.

PAWG Wrangell Airport MSFS 11

PAWG Wrangell Airport MSFS 9

PAWG Wrangell Airport MSFS 8

PAWG Wrangell Airport MSFS 7

PAWG Wrangell Airport MSFS 6

PAWG Wrangell Airport MSFS 5

PAWG Wrangell Airport MSFS 4

PAWG Wrangell Airport MSFS 3

PAWG Wrangell Airport MSFS 2

PAWG Wrangell Airport MSFS 1

This rendition of Wrangell Airport also includes custom surrounding areas that have been carefully crafted to provide an authentic, immersive experience, including custom orthophoto for the airport and surrounding regions. PBR material, shading and occlusion effects, high-resolution textures, and highly efficient gITF models should ensure great quality throughout the scenery while maintaining optimal performance and compatibility within the simulator.

With the addition of Wrangell Airport, Microsoft Flight Simulator simmers can now experience the beauty and challenges of flying in Southeast Alaska in a truly authentic and realistic manner. Northern Sky Studio’s dedication to detail and accuracy brings the aviation community yet another outstanding virtual destination to explore and enjoy!

Wrangell Airport is now available for MSFS, priced at around $12 through Contrail.

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