Flightbeam Studios shares stunning new images of upcoming KSFO scenery for MSFS

Flightbeam Studios has released new preview images of its highly anticipated KSFO: Captain’s Edition scenery for Microsoft Flight Simulator, offering a first look at the detailed Harvey Milk Terminal 1. The developer is known for its meticulous attention to detail and high-quality graphics, and these preview images demonstrate that the upcoming KSFO scenery will be no exception.

In a previous update, Flightbeam Studios shared three impressive teaser images, showcasing a photorealistic depiction of the control tower and giving a taste of the artistic effort that went into the scenery. Now, the latest preview focuses on the new Harvey Milk Terminal 1, a massive addition to the real-world airport that replaced the aging Southwest terminal.

FLightbeam KSFO terminal msfs 3

The new images provide a sense of the level of detail and realism that users can expect from the final product. Besides, Flightbeam Studios is future-proofing the project as much as possible and using state-of-the-art optimization techniques to ensure smooth performance for users.

While the preview images offer a glimpse of the exterior of the Harvey Milk Terminal 1, the interior remains a work-in-progress and is not showcased in the current screenshots. As with any ongoing development, the content displayed in the images is subject to change before the final release.

FLightbeam KSFO terminal msfs 7

FLightbeam KSFO terminal msfs 6

FLightbeam KSFO terminal msfs 5

FLightbeam KSFO terminal msfs 4

FLightbeam KSFO terminal msfs 2

There is still no official release date for the KSFO: Captain’s Edition scenery, but simmers are definitely eager to finally see this hugely-promising new scenery from Flightbeam Studios. As the most popular airport in the developer’s portfolio, expectations are high for the new and upgraded version for Microsoft Flight Simulator.

Stay tuned for more updates on this and other exciting projects as we continue to bring you the latest news in the world of Microsoft Flight Simulator!