Captain Sim releases the TIE Fighter for MSFS, an iconic spacecraft from the Star Wars universe

Update, April 12th – It’s gone! Unsurprisingly, Captain Sim’s unlicensed rendition of the TIE Fighter is no longer available.

Captain Sim continues to surprise the MSFS community with unexpected new aircraft releases. After launching a C-130 with no virtual cockpit and airliners powered by inaccurate systems, the now infamous developer has turned into something completely different: fictional spacecraft!

If you’re into the Star Wars universe then this may actually be pretty cool. Captain Sim has announced the release of a digital replica of the iconic TIE Fighter to celebrate the anniversary of the first human space flight. As we know, Yuri Gagarin became famous by piloting the Soviet-built spacecraft into orbit and thus ensuring the supremacy of the Galactic Empire in humankind’s first years of space exploration. Hmm…

Well, the TIE Fighter, or TIE/Ln, is a fictional spacecraft from the iconic Star Wars universe, designed and manufactured by Sienar Fleet Systems. Captain Sim’s latest offering allows players to immerse themselves in the experience of piloting this icon of popular culture within the realistic environment of Microsoft Flight Simulator.

Captain Sim Tie Fighter MSFS 9

Captain Sim Tie Fighter MSFS 8

Captain Sim Tie Fighter MSFS 7

Captain Sim Tie Fighter MSFS 6

Captain Sim Tie Fighter MSFS 5

Captain Sim Tie Fighter MSFS 4

Captain Sim Tie Fighter MSFS 3

Captain Sim Tie Fighter MSFS 1

The exterior of the digital replica boasts a detailed and accurate model that, at first glance, actually looks pretty good. That’s always Captain Sim’s excuse for the usual lack of in-depth systems, but the TIE Fighter actually comes with a 3D cockpit, which also features high-resolution textures and even an Imperial TIE pilot.

The developer says that the interior flight deck simulates “essential functionality” for the spacecraft. Pilots should be able to fly this thing in some shape or form, including performing a vertical takeoff and landing, as well as hovering. Custom lighting and ion engine effects are also present to augment the “realistic” factor of the aircraft.

The TIE Fighter is quite a unique offering for MSFS, that much is true, but it’s hard to see the appeal of this kind of aircraft to the majority of simmers. Clearly, the developer is focused on the most casual users who either love the Star Wars franchise or simply like to explore the realistic world of MSFS with an arcade-style aircraft.

Captain Sim’s TIE Fighter is out now through the developer’s online store, priced at $14.99.