Roland Laborie releases the Airbus A400M for Microsoft Flight Simulator

Microsoft Flight Simulator simmers can now add a new military transport aircraft to their virtual fleet, thanks to developer Roland Laborie, who released this weekend the Airbus A400M. The developer, whose work in MSFS has already brought us the Canadair CL-415 and the Vought Crusader F-8E, promises a native MSFS model for the A400, with a fully interactive virtual cockpit and a good variety of real-world liveries.

The Airbus A400M is a high-wing aircraft with four propeller engines, a pressurized cabin, and a rear cargo door. With a maximum payload of 37 tonnes and a range of approximately 3,300 kilometers, it can reach speeds of up to 780 kilometers per hour. The A400M is a versatile aircraft designed for strategic and tactical transport, as well as a tanker, capable of carrying personnel and materials in various configurations.

Laborie’s A400M for MSFS boasts a complete model, fully animated virtual cockpit, and external model. The package also includes 3D modeled displays (PFD, MFD, AP, Terrain Follow, MCDU), electrical (AC/DC), hydraulics, air conditioning, pneumatics, HUD-autopilot-autothrottle, and 15 high-resolution liveries.

ROland Laborie Airbus A400 MSFS 9

ROland Laborie Airbus A400 MSFS 8

ROland Laborie Airbus A400 MSFS 7

ROland Laborie Airbus A400 MSFS 5

ROland Laborie Airbus A400 MSFS 4

ROland Laborie Airbus A400 MSFS 3

ROland Laborie Airbus A400 MSFS 2

ROland Laborie Airbus A400 MSFS 1

The Airbus A400M is available for purchase on SimMarket for €30.00 (+ VAT where applicable). However, potential buyers should be aware that the quality and fidelity of the product may not meet everyone’s expectations. Early feedback from users has been underwhelming, with some noticing unrealistic avionics and some inconsistencies in the visuals.

If you’re looking for similar aircraft for Microsoft Flight Simulator, check out the upcoming C-160 Transall, a very promising upcoming project from AzurPoly for an aircraft that preceded the A400.