Aerosoft’s Twin Otter is no longer available for Microsoft Flight Simulator

In an unexpected move that has left the MSFS community a bit puzzled, Aerosoft has ceased sales of its Twin Otter for Microsoft Flight Simulator, both on its own store and third-party sources such as Orbx (though it seems to still be available in the Marketplace at the time of this writing). The sudden decision has spurred speculation about the motives behind the decision and what the future might hold for the aircraft, which has a notorious history of sound issues and underwhelming flight dynamics following its release in early 2022,

Users started noticing this absence during the weekend and were quick to react on Aerosoft’s official forums. Mathijs Kok, Aerosoft’s Product Manager, confirmed that this was not an error and that, indeed, the Twin Otter had been removed from the market.

“The product has been removed from the shop(s) because it will be relaunched at a later date as part of another project. So in its current form (or rather as it was), it will not return.”, Kok said. He further added, “I am sure it will all be clear in a while”.

Aerosoft Twin Otter MSFS released 4
The Twin Otter never quite managed to find paradise in MSFS…

Customers who have already purchased the Twin Otter have expressed concerns in the forums about ongoing updates and support for the aircraft. In response, Kok assured them that support will continue to be provided.

The exact manner in which the Twin Otter will reappear in Microsoft Flight Simulator remains to be seen. We have reached out to Aerosoft for comment and will update this article with additional details once they are available. (Update! We heard back from Mathijs who restated that “it will all be clear in a few weeks. No bad news in any way though.”)

Only time will tell how this beloved, albeit somewhat troubled, aircraft will be reintegrated into Microsoft Flight Simulator, and what this could mean for its future development. What do you think is happening here? Share your thoughts in the comments below!