REX Simulations introduces two new Spring presets to AccuSeason for Microsoft Flight Simulator

As the northern hemisphere welcomes the vibrant hues of spring, REX Simulations has announced the latest update to its popular AccuSeason add-on for Microsoft Flight Simulator. The update introduces two new spring presets that capture the essence of nature awakening from its winter slumber.

The first new preset, named “Beginnings,” showcases the initial stages of spring, with budding trees breaking through the dormant winter landscape. The second preset, called “Renewal,” highlights the continued growth of spring foliage, becoming more prominent than the surrounding winter dormant trees.

rex accuseason spring presets 2023 msfs 2

AccuSeason users can now enjoy both of these new spring presets, along with 24+ other seasonal presets, at no additional cost. The update further cements AccuSeason’s position as a comprehensive solution for those looking to enhance their experience in MSFS with realistic seasonal changes, while waiting for official introduction of this feature in the base platform from Asobo and Microsoft.

In addition to the new presets, AccuSeason also boasts the innovative Automated Dynamic Seasons feature, which automatically progresses through foliage color changes throughout the year. This dynamic system allows users to experience seamless transitions from winter to spring, and eventually, into summer.

Existing key features of Rex AccuSeason include:

  1. Presets for the four seasons that can be manually selected, with more to be added in free updates (like the two new spring presets)
  2. An Automation Mode that automatically updates vegetation colors based on the current date and location, with updates occurring weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly.
  3. Globally implemented seasons, ensuring appropriate seasonal variations in both the Northern and Southern hemispheres.
  4. Updated regional vegetation and the creation of new biomes to better represent certain vegetation types, such as steppe, tundra, and Australian scrublands.

Rex AccuSeason is available for purchase on its official product page, Aerosoft, and other third-party vendors, priced at $24.95.