Aerosoft releases Skopje International Airport, in North Macedonia

Aerosoft has announced the release of its latest creation for Microsoft Flight Simulator: Skopje International Airport (LWSK). This meticulously crafted virtual rendition of North Macedonia’s most important airport comes complete with a range of features that promise to immerse simmers in a true-to-life flying experience in Eastern Europe.

Located 20 km southeast of the capital city of Skopje in the community of Ilinden, Skopje Airport serves as a hub for both civil and military aviation. Previously named after Alexander the Great, the airport was renamed in 2018 following the resolution of the dispute with Greece over Macedonia’s name.

Skopje International Airport boasts a single runway, 16/34, which measures 2,450 meters (8,038 feet) in length, capable of accommodating a variety of aircraft sizes. The airport serves as a hub for Wizz Air, the largest low-cost carrier in Central and Eastern Europe, and hosts a diverse range of other European airlines. A multitude of destinations are available from Skopje International, with flights connecting to major European cities such as Zurich, Vienna, and Istanbul, among others. In recent years, the airport has experienced steady growth in passenger traffic, reaching a record 2.3 million passengers in 2019.

Aerosoft’s Skopje International Airport aims to offer an authentic experience to MSFS users, thanks to Aerosoft’s attention to detail and use of the latest technologies available for the simulator. Key features of this scenery include:

  • Highly accurate rendition of Skopje International Airport (LWSK)
  • Up-to-date taxiway and runway layout
  • Accurate runway profile and terrain
  • Custom animated jetways
  • Terminal interior
  • Animated passengers
  • PBR texturing for ground polygons, buildings, and objects
  • Realistic nighttime lighting
Skopje Airport MSFS Aerosoft 5

Skopje Airport MSFS Aerosoft 4

Skopje Airport MSFS Aerosoft 3

Skopje Airport MSFS Aerosoft 2

Aerosoft’s rendition of Skopje Airport looks very good, with impressive ground textures, realistic night lighting, and even detailed interior modeling with animated passengers. While many simmers don’t really care about what’s going on inside an airport’s terminal, it’s always cool to see the scenery come to life with immersive features such as this.

Skopje International Airport is a much-needed addition to the simulator’s roster of bespoke airports, particularly in the region of the Balkans. Simmers can now enjoy flying in and out of North Macedonia, exploring its breathtaking landscapes while navigating the skies above one of Europe’s lesser-known gems.

Aerosoft’s Skopje Airport is now available for MSFS, priced at around €15.

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