Cowan Simulation releases the H125 helicopter for MSFS

Cowan Simulation has just unveiled its newest helicopter for Microsoft Flight Simulator: the H125! Following on the footsteps of the developer’s earlier releases, the MD500E and the Bell 206B3, the H125 promises to deliver an immersive and realistic flying experience of this fantastic helicopter in MSFS.

The real-world H125, manufactured by Airbus, is a versatile and reliable single-engine helicopter renowned for its outstanding performance, particularly in high and hot environments. Widely used in various industries such as law enforcement, emergency medical services, aerial work, and tourism, the H125 boasts excellent maneuverability and a spacious cabin that comfortably accommodates up to six passengers.

Cowan Simulation’s H125 is packed with an impressive list of features that include:

  1. Real Pilots’ Input: The H125 has been tested and zeroed in by real pilots of the aircraft
  2. Comprehensive Start-Up Procedure: Experience the authentic process of starting up the helicopter with true-to-life procedures.
  3. Pilots & Passengers models.
  4. High-Quality Visuals: 4K PBR textures, custom 3D instruments, and detailed night lighting should provide a visually impressive experience.
  5. Multiple Versions: The H125 is available in Medical Emergency Services (HEMS), Utility, and Around the World versions, catering to various mission types.
  6. Floats/Blown Floats: Take off and land on water with the float-equipped version of the helicopter.
  7. Dynamic Weight Options: cargo and passengers are automatically activated depending on payload settings.
  8. Planned functional Spot Light & Cineflex Camera (not yet available)
  9. Wwise Sound Pack
  10. VR-Ready: The H125 is compatible with VR headsets, but you will have to use a mouse or VR controller for the throttle due to existing simulator limitations.
  11. Detailed Paint Kit: Customize the H125 to your liking beyond the included 100(!) liveries.
  12. Free Future Updates: Cowan Simulation is committed to improving the H125 and will provide free updates for the helicopter.
Cowan Simulation H125 helicopter MSFS 8

Cowan Simulation H125 helicopter MSFS 7

Cowan Simulation H125 helicopter MSFS 6

Cowan Simulation H125 helicopter MSFS 5

Cowan Simulation H125 helicopter MSFS 4

Cowan Simulation H125 helicopter MSFS 3

Cowan Simulation H125 helicopter MSFS 1

To ensure a seamless and realistic start-up experience, Cowan Simulation provides a start-up checklist located in the product’s folder. This checklist will guide users through a cold and dark start procedure. Additionally, various options such as passenger configuration, door removal, and avionics swaps (GTN750/GNS430) can be accessed through the weight and balance screen in MSFS or via click spots and buttons in the cockpit.

This initial release, Version 1.0, is an early version of the H125. Cowan Simulation encourages user feedback to help refine and enhance the helicopter simulation experience. Updates will be provided in response to user feedback, and the developer is committed to keeping the H125 up to date over time.

The H125 is out now for MSFS through the developer’s own website. It’s priced at $32.99, which is decidedly on the more expensive side, but the developer promises a very comprehensive product. The H125 is expected to become available on the Microsoft Marketplace for PC and Xbox, as well as through other reseller purchase options at a later date.