SoFly’s Global Landings: South America is out now for MSFS

SoFly is back with another installment in its Global Landings series for Microsoft Flight Simulator. After Europe, North America, and Australia & New Zealand, SoFly has now launched a collection of 80 landing challenges in South America, inviting simmers to discover the continent while testing their skills in a wide variety of conditions.

As pilots in command, simmers will take on 80 varied approaches and landings across South America, putting their skills to the test in both tough and easy weather scenarios. These challenges can be taken in an assortment of aircraft, including the Boeing 747, the Cessna 172, and the Bonanza G36.

One of the standout features of Global Landings: South America is the unpredictability of live weather. Each challenge will change based on real-world conditions, making for a unique landing experience every time.

The pack includes airports spread across the whole continent, giving simmers a taste of everything South America has to offer. You will get to see cities such as Aracatuba, Brazil, and Carmelo, Uruguay, as well as remote areas like Copacabana, Bolivia, and Karasabai, Guyana.

SoFly GLobal Landings South America MSFS 3

SoFly GLobal Landings South America MSFS 2

In addition to the weather and location variety, Global Landings: South America offers a scoring system that allows simmers to gauge their performance after each successful landing. This feature not only encourages self-improvement but also adds a certain competitive element, since you can compare your score to other people’s.

Key Features of Global Landings: South America include:

  • 80 different possible landings split across various weather scenarios and aircraft types
  • Airports that are spread across the whole continent giving you a flavour of everything South America has to offer
  • Live weather challenges offer a unique landing each time
  • Choose from easy or hard weather scenarios to test your skills
  • Get scored after each successful landing to see where you can improve
  • Fly into each airport with multiple aircraft for a varied experience
  • Experience fun and a sense of completion with great replayability
  • Earn a top score to get the ultimate bragging rights

If you’re looking for a quick thrill in MSFS or simply wish to know more about South America and its most challenging airports, SoFly’s Global Landings: South America may be the perfect choice to get you started on this adventure! It’s available now for around $10 via SoFly and Orbx.