We Love VFR goes global! Region 3 beta is now available

PuffinFlight, a developer behind one of the absolute best add-ons for Microsoft Flight Simulator, the We Love VFR series, has just released the third region of this project, completing the worldwide coverage with thousands of new VFR-friendly structures. While still in beta, the release is now freely available for anyone who wishes to try it. The full release is expected to be available later this month.

We Love VFR is probably the easier and most significant update you can make to your VFR flights in Microsoft Flight Simulator. This mod aims to enhance the world of MSFS with thousands of realistic objects such as antennas, radio towers, wind turbines, chimneys, cranes, and so much more! Not only do these greatly enhance the scenery in MSFS, they also provide extremely valuable clues when flying in VFR. They make using VFR charts a real treat in the simulator!

We Love VFR has been available for a while for those who fly in Europe and Africa (Region 1) and the Americas (Region 2). Region 3 arrives to complete worldwide coverage of the mod, expanding the availability of all the VFR-friendly structures to Asia and Oceania. It’s a huge region that includes countries such as Japan, Australia, or New Zealand, among with many others.

we love vfr msfs map

We Love VFR is based on OpenStreetMap data, which means it will reflect whatever state a particular region is in the service. While there are some inaccurate placements or absences at times, for the most part this data set provides a comprehensive list of many of the most significant structures in the world. The developer augmented this data with custom objects for each structure and a range of effects and animations. For example, chimneys in industrial complexes can often be seen releasing smoke or fire, while wind turbines rotate according to wind speed and direction.

We Love VFR Region 3 is now available in beta. The download is available here while this testing period takes place, which should take just one or two weeks. Once the beta stage is over, Region 3 should be available through flightsim.to, where you can also find Region 1 and 2.

We Love VFR is a must-have addon for anyone who enjoys flying low and slow over scenic landscapes. It’s easily one of the best mods for MSFS, paid or free, and adds a lot of immersion and realism to the already stunning world in Microsoft Flight Simulator!