Aeroplane Heaven provides short update on what they will be up to in 2023

After a period of relative silence following the release of the DC-3 back in November, Aeroplane Heaven came to public today to assure that the team is hard at work on multiple projects, most of which they unfortunately cannot disclose at this time. However, they have also revealed that they have several exciting projects in the pipeline that they are able to share, which include the Avro Lancaster that was teased a few months back.

One of the main focuses for the Aeroplane Heaven team is the highly anticipated release of the Lancaster, which they confirm will happen in the second half of 2023. Many simmers have been eagerly anticipating this release and the team is flattered by the interest in this project. However, Aeroplane Heaven is also quick to mention that they are not a large outfit and can only work at a pace that is sustainable for its team members.

aeroplane heaven plans 2023

In addition to the Lancaster, Aeroplane Heaven has four other projects lined up for release in 2023. Although the team is not yet able to announce details about these projects, they are confident that simmers will be excited when they are revealed.

As the year progresses, Aeroplane Heaven promises to keep us updated on their progress and reveal more about their upcoming projects. In the meantime, check below some of the beautiful preview images of the Lancaster that the developers have shared with us before:

Aeroplane Heaven Avro Lancaster MSFS 7

Aeroplane Heaven Avro Lancaster MSFS 8

Aeroplane Heaven Avro Lancaster MSFS 11

Aeroplane Heaven Avro Lancaster MSFS 9

Aeroplane Heaven Avro Lancaster MSFS 4

Aeroplane Heaven Avro Lancaster MSFS 3