Stairport Sceneries’ latest airport for MSFS invites you to fly in the ridge lift near Porta Westfalica

Stairport Sceneries has released a new German airfield for Microsoft Flight Simulator. Porta Westfalica (EDVY) is a popular VFR airfield for pilots who love scenic flights.

Porta Westfalica invites aviation enthusiasts to explore the beauty of the Weser Uplands from the skies. Located in the district of Minden-Lübbecke at the Weser River in Germany, Porta Westfalica features an 860-meter-long asphalt runway and a 1,000-meter-long grass runway.

While the field is primarily used as a starting point for ridge lift flights over the Wiehen and Weser Hills, it also offers opportunities for pilots to explore other destinations. The North Sea, including the East Frisian Islands and Sankt Peter-Ording, is just a 1-hour flight away from Porta Westfalica.

EDVY Port Westfalica MSFS 6

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Ridge lift flying is a popular activity for pilots at Porta Westfalica. Ridge lift is a type of lift created by the wind as it blows over the upwind side of a hill or mountain range. The wind is deflected upward and creates an area of rising air, which pilots can use to gain altitude without using engine power. The Wiehen and Weser Hills are well-known for their ridge lift, and many pilots take advantage of this natural phenomenon for their flights in Microsoft Flight Simulator.

In addition to ridge lift flying, Porta Westfalica is also a great starting point for exploring other destinations. The East Frisian Islands, for example, are a group of islands located off the coast of Germany in the North Sea. The islands are known for their beautiful beaches, historic lighthouses, and charming fishing villages. A flight from Porta Westfalica to the East Frisian Islands takes approximately one hour and provides stunning views of the coastline along the way. Stairport Sceneries has also recreated these islands for MSFS in great detail in a previous release, which we recommend you check out if you’re looking to explore this region with improved scenery.

Sankt Peter-Ording is another popular destination for pilots flying out of Porta Westfalica. This small town is located on the North Sea coast and is known for its wide, sandy beaches and impressive sand dunes. A flight from Porta Westfalica to Sankt Peter-Ording also takes approximately one hour.

EDVY Port Westfalica MSFS 1

Overall, Porta Westfalica is an excellent destination for pilots who enjoy scenic flights and exploring new destinations. Stairport Sceneries says that its rendition of EDVY Porta Westfalica airfield is a highly authentic replica of the real-world location, complete with detailed landmarks such as the Emperor Wilhelm Monument and TV tower. The detailed modeling includes the main terminal, maintenance, and club hangars, while custom lighting has been added to provide accurate RWY lights. In addition, the immersion has been enhanced with the addition of custom static aircraft and 3D people.

Stairport Sceneries’ Porta Westfalica is published by Aerosoft for Microsoft Flight Simulator, and it’s priced at just around €10.

Main features:

  • Authentic replica of the airfield EDVY Porta Westfalica
  • Including highly detailed Emperor Wilhelm Monument and TV tower POIs
  • Texturing based on tons of on-site photos
  • Detailed modeling including main terminal, maintenance and club hangars
  • Custom lighting including correct RWY lights
  • Custom static aircraft and 3D people to enhance immersion

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