Aerosoft and ClearPropStudios release 7 new German airfields for MSFS

It was more than a year ago that ClearPropStudios offered us a very nice airport pack in the German state of Bavaria. With 6 very well-made GA airfields, simmers got a selection of airports that were perfect for exploring this southern region of Germany and beyond. Now, more than a year later, ClearPropStudios is back with 7 new airfields in the same area, available as a bundle or individually for Microsoft Flight Simulator!

As before, each of these airfields has been built with extreme attention to detail by the developers, who are pilots themselves and understand the importance of high-fidelity scenery. Each of these new airfields was built to match the real-world location as accurately as possible, with lots of details.

The official trailer video by the Aviation Lads offers a beautiful look into this product and perfectly showcases the level of quality in each airfield. From highly detailed buildings and structures to realistic markings, animations, dynamic lighting, and much more, GA pilots are in for a treat flying in Bavaria and enjoying each of these charming little airports!

ClearPropStudios is offering this package at around 30€, or each individual airfield, priced at just around 6 to 8 Euros:


  • 7 GA airfields lovingly modeled after the originals down to the last detail
  • Highly detailed hangars, tower with facilities and airfield buildings
  • Original asphalt markings and taxiways
  • Original advertisements, banners, posters, traffic lights
  • Hundreds of visual flight points
  • All 7 airfields open and close their hangar doors as in the original, depending on the time of day
  • Animated figures at the airfields
  • Complex lighting technology
  • 7 original ICAO VFR airfield charts & maps
  • Detailed documentation of each airfield in PDF format

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