Porto Santo Airport, near Madeira, is out now for MSFS

Simport has released a detailed rendition of Porto Santo Airport, located on the second largest island in the Madeira archipelago. Albeit much less famous than LPMA, Porto Santo Airport was actually the first airport in the Madeira Islands, inaugurated in 1960.

Porto Santo is a small island with just over 5,000 inhabitants. It’s popular as a summer destination for its mild climate and long beach with golden sand. The airport is mainly used to bring tourists in, with direct connections to Porto and Lisbon, in mainland Portugal, and other seasonal flights to a few additional European destinations.

Porto Santo and Madeira are also connected each day by direct flights between the two islands, a trip that lasts only about 15 minutes. Porto Santo Airport is also used quite frequently as an alternate airport to Madeira, which is famously affected by nasty weather from time to time.

This airport may be just the perfect way to start a quick flight into Madeira and test your skills on the approach to that airport. It’s just a short hop away, and you’ll have the chance to see the beautiful Pearl of the Atlantic from a low altitude. Besides, with the newly released Vessels Madeira, from Seafront Simulations, you’ll also find the scenery much more enjoyable between the islands, with boats of several sizes going about their lives!

Simport’s Porto Santo Airport is now available at Simmarket, priced at €12,50 + tax.


  • 8192×8192 High-Quality Baked Textures
  • Custom 3D Models
  • Custom Lights
  • Accurate terrain elevation and runway profiles
  • Realistic Night Lights
  • Custom ground textures, detailed markings
  • Custom Satellite image