Seafront Simulations previews Vessels: The Canary Islands for MSFS with a moving Oil Rig

Seafront Simulations has upgraded coastal areas around the world in MSFS, adding realistic boats to the ports, marinas and coastlines in the affected regions. Following the recent launch of Vessels: The Hawaiian Islands, Seafront Simulations is now planning to release Vessels: The Canary Islands, looking to bring life to the seas of this Spanish archipelago off the African west coast.

Vessels: The Canary Islands will follow the same concept introduced in previous products from Seafront Simulations. Expect to see a busy port in Las Palmas and plenty of activity around the islands. This scenery will include many moving and landable local ferries, supply ships, and more.

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Seafront Simulations shared with us a series of preview images of this new product, which showcase the impressively realistic and very detailed ships that are specific to this region. Some of the vessels will feature helipads that simmers can use when flying their helicopter, which should make for a nice challenge!

Speaking of challenges, Seafront Simulations is introducing a particularly cool new feature being introduced with Vessels: The Canary Islands: a moving oil rig where you can land on! For some reason, this oil rig is being towed back to port, which opens the opportunity to land there while it’s moving. Watch below a short video showing a daring pilot attempting just that:

Pretty cool, huh? Seafront Simulations didn’t reveal when this will become available, but it shouldn’t take too long now. In the meantime, the team is also planning to deploy updates to the other existing products, such as the addition of new landable vessels in Hawaii, the Balearic Islands, and the UK South East scenery packs.

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