SP1 update for the Blackbird (Milviz) C310R rolling out soon

Update, November 14th – The initial version of this article stated that the update was already rolling out. We were led to believe this from public statements made by the development team. It’s not, after all, but it’s imminent, so stay tuned to your email inbox for an update notice from Blackbird Simulations!

6 months after the highly-praised initial release, the Cessna 310R from Blackbird Simulations (former Milviz) is now about to receive the first major update to the package (Service Pack 1).

SP1 mostly tackles a long list of varied issues that have persisted in the C310R since the release. These range from improvements in the animations to fixes in the avionics, electrical system, lighting, and general retouches here and there.

In terms of new features, they seem to be limited to a new VOR2 gauge in the panel, which isn’t too bad since the 310R was already such a feature-rich product. One of its best features is the state-saving functionality, which now will save ADF NAV/COM frequencies. However, many were expecting to see a custom KAP140 added in to replace the default system, but that didn’t happen with SP1… you may wish to use this mod instead.

Milviz 310 Preview MSFS 53
The C310R is very well-made and a joy to fly in MSFS.

In the end, the C310R should become a little more polished with SP1 and continue to offer one of the very best GA experiences in MSFS. It’s a highly-recommended airplane that will bring you lots of fun!

The new version should roll out at any moment for those who purchased through the Blackbird/Milviz store. Expect to see an email about that very soon! Those who purchased in the Marketplace will have to wait a little longer.

Blackbird C310R v1.1.6 221108 SP1 Release Notes:

[New Features]
A new VOR2 gauge is added to the panel. The NAV1/2 switch now only affects the DME readout.

0009117: Fixed: with all Failures checked Left RPM stays at idle.
0009124: Adjusted: trim via button or hat switch resolution too high.
0009614: Fixed: in exterior view open door is also showing as closed.
0009616: Fixed: No animation on OBS knob.
0009617: Fixed: ADF heading knob animation jumps around.
0009621: Fixed: Storm window animation locked when double clicked rapidly.
0009625: Fixed: Props on ground windmilling and feathering/unfeathering in certain wind conditions.

0008720: Fixed: GTN instrument test does not change HSI.
0009048: Fixed: Altimeter knob moves the mb but not the HGs.
0009111: Fixed: DME failure tip code not resetting after a repair.
0009119: Fixed: ADF indicator tooltip corrupted.
0009122: Fixed: ‘ADF Card’ now uses standard variables.
0009129: Fixed: Unable to click / drag ADF rotary.
0009157: Fixed: HSI Flag not working properly in GPS mode.
0009624: Fixed: PMS50 GTN750 not driving GSI in RNAV mode.

0008782: Fixed: Right alternator circuit breaker toggles left alternator breaker.
0008870: Fixed: Circuit breakers that use the MSFS style aren’t restoring to a pulled state.
0008929: Fixed: Electric trim on yoke inop without battery on.
0008930: Fixed: Separate the 4 PAX overhead lights on a separate electrical bus.
0009001: Fixed: Right alternator CB not working.
0009038: Fixed: CHT and oil temp gauges inop with battery off.
0009039: Fixed: Airspeed indicator inop with battery off.
0009045: Fixed: Ammeter errors.
0009057: Fixed: Clock breaker inop.
0009058: Fixed: The Dif temp value on the JPI is displayed in °F although all other temps are in °C
0009140: Fixed: Provision needed to repair/recharge battery. (Clicking on the repair icon for the battery will now recharge it.)
0009620: Fixed: Some circuit breakers not working or not working as intended

[External Lighting]
0008732: Fixed: Exterior light emissives are too dim
0009572: Fixed: Landing light glass texture wrong sequence of illumination

0008928: Fixed: Excessive Glide Performance.
0008926: Fixed: Unrealistic flight characteristics in high bank situations.

0009622: Fixed: Fuel Burned by Gauge does not equal Fuel removed from tanks

0008730: Fixed: Engine pump failure not implemented properly.
0008731: Fixed: Tablet and payload manager not in sync under certain conditions.
0008834: Fixed: Engine cold start delays not functional.
0008835: Fixed: State of shades not being saved/restored.
0009120: Fixed: Trim Wheel Position Indication/ inop trim wheel with battery off.
0009126: Fixed: DME range incorrectly calculated.
0009128: Fixed: NAV1/NAV2 switching issue.
0009163: Fixed: Heater cools cabin.
0009282: Fixed: Failed engine “fixes” itself after several seconds.
0009623: Fixed: Cabin Heater OVHT light.

[Internal Lighting]
0008728: Adjusted: Post lights too dim.

[User Manual]
0008724: Fixed: Cowl flap operation.
0008783: Fixed: The manual referring to the wrong engine in some places.
0009615: Fixed: Nav1/Nav2 switch operation.

[Menu Systems]
0008725: Fixed: Unable to repair right magneto.
0008869: Fixed: Brakes deteriorating at an accelerated rate.

0008757: Fixed: Emergency gear handle clickspot adjustment.
0008759: Fixed: Hole in nose is incorrectly a light.

0009233: Added: Saved states for ADF NAV/COM frequencies.
0009618: Fixed: Aircraft selection screen specs are a copy of the DA-62.

0009052: Fixed: Scrapping metal sound when ditching into water.
0009619: Fixed: Repairing a failed engine does not get rid of the broken engine sound.

0008760: Adjusted: Dirt layers need adjustment.
0009394: Fixed: Typo on GNS430.