Fenix and PMDG update their respective airliners for MSFS

Fenix Simulations and PMDG, two famed entities in the community for their work on the Airbus A320 and Boeing 737, respectively, issued new product updates in the last few days. These are the two most popular airliners in the world, also highly successful in MSFS, so each update is noteworthy as it tackles issues that have been reported by users while also adding some cool new features.

Let’s start with Fenix, who posted today the second update to the A320 in the span of two weeks. Later last month, the A320 received an improved low-speed friction model, became more responsive in full-flap configuration, and got fully volumetric lights across all the exterior model, among a list of assorted fixes.

Today, Fenix posted a new version of the A320 (v1.0.6.146) that mostly fixes some less-than-perfect areas. Check below the full release notes and grab your new version through the Fenix installer or from the website.

A320 v1.0.6.146:


  • Fixed TCAS
  • Fixed several crashes/exceptions
  • LOC Capture in HDG mode improved
  • Added more variables for which brake temperature modelling is disabled during GSX pushbacks
  • Screen brightness set to MAX for cold and dark
  • Minor VNAV calculation error fixed

  • Minor fixes and adjustments
  • Particle FX reworked for improved performance
  • Refactored cockpit wind further so a more noticeable change can be heard below 280knots
  • Increased volume of brake fans
  • N2 volume on approach increased and improved
  • Cockpit wind now tied to “environment sounds” slider in MSFS, leaving it at 100% will give the most accurate experience to the real A320
  • Added seat movement sounds
  • Cabin lights are now dimmed when set to OFF
Fenix A320 MSFS end of beta 4

PMDG launches the 10th update for the 737 since its launch in back in May

PMDG also released a new update for the 737 product line for MSFS, continuing to bring new features and capabilities to the product while also fixing what needs to be fixed.

By now, PMDG has pushed the -600, -700 and -800 variants of the 737, with the -900 still in the final stages of the assembly line (it’s being tested right now and should be out this month). In terms of updates, the latest one is the 10th since the 737-700’s release in May, which kickstarted the series.

The latest update, which has been out for about a week, comes with modest changes and focuses on improving the stability of the product. We’re still waiting for that EFB to arrive, which is taking a bit longer than expected, but, for now, PMDG seems more focused on stabilizing the core experience, especially ahead of the release of Sim Update 11 later this week.

PMDG 737-600/700/800 Update to 3.00.0044
0011898: [Systems – Hydraulic] EDP Low Pressure lights come on to late in start (rsrandazzo)
0012029: [AFDS – Pitch Modes] Level change down : provision for FS atmoshpere “bursts” pumping pitch up/down (emvaos)
0012002: [Virtual Cockpit – Geometry/Textures] VC Clipping and assorted finds (vscimone)
0010744: [FMS – Route/Legs Pages] Wrapping ETA and time differences around 0000z (emvaos)
0012006: [FMS/AFDS – VNAV] CRZ phase revival even within geometric descent (emvaos)
0011655: [AFDS – Thrust Modes] Provisions and refinement of A/T speed mode in SU10+ turbulence (emvaos)
0010628: [AFDS – Thrust Modes] New AT SPD mode system (emvaos)
0012005: [External Model – Geometry] Cabin lighting tone down needed after SU10? (jbrown)
0011992: [External Model – Geometry] Pilots not shown on extenral view (jbrown)
0011993: [AFDS – Pitch Modes] Oscilattions when using V/S for descent. (emvaos)
0011996: [Virtual Cockpit – Geometry/Textures] Small fap on the ceiling of VC, (vscimone)
0011976: [Virtual Cockpit – Geometry/Textures] VC Vertices cleanup (vscimone)​
additional: provisions for stability with known SU11 changes.

PMDG 737 800 MSFS 6