Just Flight previews a new instrument to retrofit in its GA fleet: a Stormscope!

Just Flight has given us some of the best GA aircraft for Microsoft Flight Simulator, with the Arrow and the Warrior at the forefront of what the simulator has to offer in terms of small airplanes (even if they are due for a much-needed update following the changes introduced in the latest Sim Updates).

As we know, Just Flight continues to work on several new aircraft, including another small plane in the Piper facility, the Tomahawk. Despite all these new undertakings, Just Flight has promised regular updates to existing products, not only to fix any underlying issues and maintain compatibility with MSFS updates, but also looking forward to introduce new features that can ignite the community’s interest in those planes.

With that in mind, Just Flight has unveiled a new instrument that will soon make its way into the cockpit of the studio’s popular general aviation airplanes: the Stormscope!

Just Flight Stormscope MSFS 5

Just Flight Stormscope MSFS 4

Just Flight Stormscope MSFS 3

Just Flight Stormscope MSFS 1

Just Flight’s Stormscope is based on the real-world lightning-detection instrument, which can often be retrofitted on most GA aircraft in the market. Just Flight provides some preview images of the Stormscope fitted to its own PA-28 Warrior II, showcasing some of the features enabled by this unique instrument.

Unfortunately, the Stormscope’s primary function as a lightning strike monitor isn’t currently possible due to SDK limitations in MSFS, but Just Flight includes a test mode so users can see how it works. However, the Stormscope is capable of much more, especially when paired with the Skywatch traffic avoidance system, which works similarly to the TCAS found on airliners. It also serves as a navigational aid, displaying your current flight plan and associated information like ETA, groundspeed, and range.

turbo arrow msfs 7
Expect to see the Stormscope somewhere in the Arrow’s panel.

Just Flight shares a few additional details about the Stormscope’s main features, which also include interactive checklists, time/date and stopwatch/timer, and more. It’s sort of a multi-function display tailored for older analog airplanes, with easy-to-use controls and access to a range of valuable data.

The Stormscope will be available for all existing Just Flight GA airplanes. Testing is still underway and expected to last a little longer, so there’s no estimated date for the release. In the meantime, check the first preview images that show this cool-looking instrument in action!