Next Level Racing and Boeing announce new flight simulation chairs for the home cockpit

How do you fancy a serious upgrade to your home flight simming setup? If you have some cash burning a hole in the pocket, here’s something to make good use out of it: a new flight simulator cockpit chair where you can mount all your flight controllers and immerse yourself in a more true-to-life virtual flying experience!

That’s, at least, what Next Level Racing hopes to offer with their brand new “flight simulator cockpits”, which are being launched in a partnership with Boeing. These are essentially three aesthetical takes on the same chair: a Boeing Military Edition, Boeing Commercial Edition Flight Simulator, and the Next Level Racing Flight Simulator.

The first two feature Boeing’s branding and are especially designed to match the look of either a Boeing military plane or a commercial aircraft. Features and base structure seem identical between all models, so you’ll essentially be choosing the most aesthetically pleasing to you, or the one the best matches your flying style. The Boeing Commercial Edition, for example, even has those fluffy seats that can be found on Boeing’s flight decks.

The Boeing partnership is particularly interesting, as it seems the company is trying to be more than a fancy logo on a product for the flight simulation community. Carlton Wilkerson, Consumer Product Licensing Specialist for Boeing, says that Boeing “worked closely with the Next Level Racing team to share aspects of our commercial and military flight decks that would translate to a consumer product and we couldn’t be happier with the results.”

The end result is a collection of chairs that seems to offer plenty of versatility to attach a variety of flight controls from many different manufacturers. The official videos showcase products from Thrustmaster, Logitech, and more, so you’re likely to find Next Level Racing’s new chairs to be a good complement to your home cockpit setup. Mouse and keyboard support is also included.

As for pricing and availability, Next Level Racing’s flight cockpits will become available during this month on retailers across the world. Pricing is the same across the whole line: €899 in Europe, $799 in North America, £699 in the UK, and $1,199 AUD in Australia.