Verticalsim releases KSYR Syracuse Airport for MSFS

Verticalsim is out with what the studio claims to be its “most detailed scenery” yet! Syracuse Hancock International Airport is now available for MSFS in what appears to be an impressive rendition of this airport in upstate New York.

Syracuse Airport (KSYR) is a joint civil-military airport with a history that goes back to the 1920s. Despite the International monicker in the official naming, it doesn’t currently serve any scheduled international routes. However, there’s plenty of domestic commercial and GA traffic here, with around 1 million passengers served each year.

Verticalsim is now offering the MSFS community the chance to see its mostly detailed scenery yet with this rendition of Syracuse Airport. The official product images do look very good indeed, with nicely-detailed buildings, high-resolution textures, interior modeling in the main terminal, and an overall very authentic mood.

KYSR Syracuse Airport MSFS 13

KYSR Syracuse Airport MSFS 12

KYSR Syracuse Airport MSFS 11

KYSR Syracuse Airport MSFS 10

KYSR Syracuse Airport MSFS 9

KYSR Syracuse Airport MSFS 8

KYSR Syracuse Airport MSFS 7

KYSR Syracuse Airport MSFS 6

KYSR Syracuse Airport MSFS 5

KYSR Syracuse Airport MSFS 4

KYSR Syracuse Airport MSFS 3

KYSR Syracuse Airport MSFS 1

Verticalsim based their work on the current 2022 airport layout. Besides the up-to-date situation of the airport, simmers will also find plenty of animations, with 3D people moving around, along with the ASR and cargo radar, runway guard lights, AC fans, ATC controllers, and more.

Overall, this looks like a really nice virtual version of KYSR that feels very much at home in MSFS. It’s available now, priced at $17.99.

Main features:

  • Full 1:1 interior on landside, airsides, rotunda overlook, & control tower
  • 3D animated people (terminal & control tower)
  • 2022 accurate layout
  • Custom taxi signage
  • Several animations: ASR & cargo radar, Wig-Wags/Runway Guard Lights, AC fans, ATC controllers
  • Usage of parallax materials on non-essential buildings for performance
  • Taxi/ATC routing/network for AI & Airline codes for gates
  • Every building created on airport grounds in HD
  • Static MQ-9 Reaper w/174th Attack Wing Livery

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