iniScene launches freeware Venice Beach scenery for MSFS

iniScene is looking to capitalize on the recent launch of LAX Airport for MSFS with the release of a custom scenery for Venice Beach, in California. The iconic coastal town, with its famous landmarks like the Santa Monica Pier, palm trees, and more, is now replicated in MSFS in greater detail, thanks to this new freeware add-on from iniScene.

iniScene really enjoys LA, based on the most recent MSFS releases from the team. Besides the massive rendition of KLAX, iniScene has also brought us a detailed version of 58CA Hooper Heliport. Pilots of both fixed and rotary-wing aircraft can now explore the area in MSFS with this collection of superbly-detailed scenery packages from iniScene!

If you head to Venice Beach after installing this free mod, you will find over 3 miles of overhauled coastline, which now becomes more scenic than ever in MSFS. If you’re feeling particularly adventurous, iniScene has built a fictional runway on the beach (KLVB) that you can use to land a small plane. Great to spawn directly within the scenery or as an ending point to a sightseeing journey around the area.

Venice Beach Pack is now available for free through the iniBuilds store and it’s a great little addition to your LA scenery in Microsoft Flight Simulator. Worth a look!

Main Features:

  • Upgraded over 3 miles of detailed coastline along the scenic Venice Beach area
  • A number of iconic landmarks are modelled such as the Santa Monica Pier, Venice Beach Skatepark, and Venice Fishing Pier
  • Accurately placed, small details including animated palm trees, lifeguard towers, tennis courts, playgrounds, basketball courts and much more scattered throughout the coastline
  • Fictional runway spawning point placed on beach using ICAO code: KLVB