//42 releases 42MX – Mexican Mountain for MSFS, a backcountry strip in Utah

//42 continues to offer distinct experiences in MSFS that go a little beyond the standard scenery release. We saw that very recently with Campout, a cool and very promising new utility that enables simmers to customize a specific place in the world of MSFS, making it their own while adventuring in the backcountry. Now, we’re bringing you another release from the team that invites you to explore the Utah backcountry.

42MX – Mexican Mountain by //42 is located in Green River, Utah, a region known as an excellent playground for adventurous bush fliers. The scenery is beautiful and quite unique to this side of the United States, with colored rocky cliffs and ridges, deep canyons, and towering rocks: the archetypal scenery of the American West!

With plenty of STOL landing spots nearby, 42MX promises to be an excellent weekend campout location, where simmers can enjoy the coziness of a nicely-modeled and atmospheric piece of land and fly low and slow over the terrain below. //42 added a few camping amenities (and you also add your own through the Campout utility), along with some cool sights such as an animated RC plane, bears, and more.

42 Mexican Mountain MSFS 7.jpg

42 Mexican Mountain MSFS 6.jpg

42 Mexican Mountain MSFS 5.jpg

42 Mexican Mountain MSFS 4.jpg

42 Mexican Mountain MSFS 3.jpg

42 Mexican Mountain MSFS 1.jpg

42MX – Mexican Mountain is now available through Orbx Direct, priced at just around $8.00. If you own the FreedomFox/Fox2 package, you already have this scenery, so don’t forget to take a deeper look if you haven’t already!


  • Runway: ~1800 ft long x 40 ft wide dirt runway. Slopes uphill slightly to the west.
  • Approach Considerations: Tall trees on both sides of the runway present a hazard when landing to the east. Typically land to the west and depart to the east. Caution RC plane in the vicinity.
  • Amenities: Campgrounds and fire rings. Please don’t leave food out; bears were reported in the area.
  • Windsock: Yes. Located east of the runway, next to the information sign.
  • Multiple runway objects and hazards contain collision boxes. (Careful tail spinners!)
  • Challenging approach onto a narrow dirt runway.
  • Custom vegetation assets.
  • Custom terraforming in the region to match up to real-world footage
  • Custom night lighting in camp areas.
  • Custom Soundscape includes fire pits and flying RC plane
  • Fully animated RC Plane mini-scene
  • Heatblur effects on fire pits
  • Centrally located for bush trip adventures.
  • Plenty of parking for group flight staging
  • Beware of bears near the camp.
  • Pineapple on pizza not permitted on-site