The PMDG 737-800 is approaching, expected to land in MSFS before August 31

The most coveted of the 737 variants is finally coming to MSFS. PMDG has announced that its Boeing 737-800, the third in line in the PMDG 737NG series for MSFS, is finally launching this month!

There’s really no news here, as this is what we’ve been expecting for a while. However, this time, we have a clear time frame (but not yet an exact release date…) for the arrival of the 737-800 in MSFS: it’s coming between August 23-31!

Prepare your wallets, because they are about to get lighter. The -800 variant of the 737 is by far the most popular, and the one most simmers have been anticipating. Many have undoubtedly splurged a good amount of money on the PMDG 737-600 and -700, a sure way to fix anyone’s 737 addiction, but it’s the -800 variant that will surely become the most popular.

PMDG 737 800 MSFS previews 2
The very smooth and clean-looking freighter version of the 737-800.

PMDG’s Robert Randazzo revealed in the company’s forums that a tentative release-build of the 737-800 is being delivered to the testing team today, who will look out for any show-stopping problems or other significant issues. If all goes well, the product will be launched within days: possibly this week but, if not, in the early days of the following one.

No pricing has been revealed yet for the PMDG 737-800, but we’re expecting something around the lines of the -700: $69.99. Expect confirmation about that in the following days.

In other related news, Randazzo also took the opportunity this weekend to share a preview of a couple of cool features soon to be added to the entire 737 product line in MSFS. These are the addition of sun visors, sunshades, and adjustable Grimes lights. These should be useful during challenging lighting conditions at sunrise or at night, when you need to shine light on a specific area of the cockpit without disturbing the overall ambiance. Here’s a preview video from PMDG showing these new features in action: