Aerosoft announces Mega Airport Milan Malpensa for MSFS

Aerosoft has announced the impending release of a major new airport for Microsoft Flight Simulator. Malpensa Airport, located in Milan, Italy, is the second busiest in the country for passengers (after Fiumicino) and the busiest for freight and cargo.

Malpensa Airport (LIMC) is the largest airport in Northern Italy, serving a vast and highly industrialized region. More than 20 million passengers cross the gates every year, who take advantage of the airport’s large number of connections across the European continent and beyond.

The location currently occupied by Malpensa Airport has been used for aviation activities for more than 100 years. This rich history goes back to a time when airplanes were built near the airfield, which then fell into military control in the inter-war period leading to WWII. In 1948, the airport finally began commercial civilian operations.

Aerosoft Mega Airport Malpensa Milan MSFS 1

Nowadays, Malpensa Airport is a bustling infrastructure on the edge of Italy’s most prosperous region, overlooking the Italian Alps to the north. Airplanes departing and arriving at the airport enjoy stunning views of the Italian plains, with the white peaks of the Alps offering geographical protection over the area – and a challenge for pilots traveling to the north.

Aerosoft is looking to take advantage of the increasing number of high-quality airliners in MSFS, which makes recreating Malpensa Airport a no-brainer. The German studio announced the development of this project with the promise that it’s coming soon to their online store.

Aerosoft reveals a few details about this creation, which include an accurate depiction of the Terminal buildings, concourse, hangars, control tower, and other overall structures, but also custom animated jetways, a VDGS system for all gates, animated passengers, airport vehicles, and even a train.

Aerosoft Mega Airport Malpensa Milan MSFS 2

No release date has been provided, as we’re left with a simple “coming soon” statement. There are only a few preview images of the product that don’t look particularly exciting… but this being still a work in progress, there’s certainly margin for improvement!

As always, we’ll let you know once this new airport from Aerosoft comes out. In the meantime, this may be a good opportunity to visit Italy and enjoy the content update provided by World Update 9!


  • Accurate Terminal 1 and the old Terminal 2 buildings, concourse, hangars, towers, and airport layout
  • Accurate control tower
  • Full Dynamic Lighting
  • Custom animated jetway system for all gates
  • Custom VDGS system for all gates
  • Animated figures inside Terminal 1
  • Animated airport vehicles all around
  • Animated train