The de Havilland Vampire is coming soon to Microsoft Flight Simulator

SwissMilSim is doing some final testing on its new military airplane for MSFS. The de Havilland Vampire DH-100, one of the first military jet fighters, should make its way into simmers’ hangars within just a few days!

We’ve been following SwissMilSim’s work to bring to MSFS some of the most historical Swiss military airplanes. They first started with the Morane D-3801, and are now moving ahead on the timeline with the Vampire and, eventually, the Venom as well!

The de Havilland Vampire was initially developed for the RAF during World War II, at a time when jet propulsion technology was in its early days. The Swiss Air Force showed great interest in the aircraft and ended up licensing production in Switzerland, with more than 220 airplanes built. With that, the Vampire became an important piece of Swiss military aviation history, which is precisely what SwissMilSim likes to recreate with their airplanes.

de Havilland Vampire MSFS 1 2

de Havilland Vampire MSFS 2 2

de Havilland Vampire MSFS 3 2

de Havilland Vampire MSFS 4 2

de Havilland Vampire MSFS 5 2

We got the first glimpse into the Vampire in MSFS back in June, when SwissMilSim shared an initial batch of preview images of the aircraft. Now, a few weeks later, the team returned with impressive new images that present us with what appears to be a nicely-detailed exterior and interior model, certainly a welcome step-up in terms of quality when compared to their previous effort for MSFS, the Morane D-3801!

SwissMilSim says that the Vampire for MSFS is just a few days away (or a few weeks, at the most), now that modeling is complete and a few key features of the product have been implemented, such as three types of lights in the dashboard, or ground steering through differential breaking.

We liked the Morane when it launched late last year, even if it was clearly a last-gen model brought to MSFS with some interesting flight characteristics and a surprisingly deep simulation in its systems. Seeing SwissMilSim raise the bar in terms of visuals with the Vampire, and hoping to get the same level of fidelity in aircraft behavior, makes us eagerly anticipating the release of this piece of history in military aviation. Hopefully, it won’t take long!