(It’s out!) SoFly and WTFlightSim announce Mataveri Intl Airport for MSFS, the most remote in the world

Easter Island, the world-famous remote island in the Pacific Ocean, is an intriguing destination that has captured the imagination of millions around the world. Its monolithic human statues, the moai, are an iconic symbol of the island and are known throughout the globe, while the remote location of the island, 3500 km away from continental South America and 2000 km from the nearest inhabited island, makes arriving into Easter Island an especially elongated adventure.

The main way to get to this legendary island is through its only airport, Mataveri International Airport (SCIP). LATAM connects the island to mainland Chile through a scheduled Boeing 787 flight, made possible by the airport’s 10.000 feet-long runway. As you can imagine, this is a fascinating destination for pilots in Microsoft Flight Simulator, who can set up a real flight plan to visit the natural beauty of this island, especially now that Mataveri International Airport is available in the simulator as a high-quality custom scenery!

SoFly has announced the release of this brand new airport for MSFS, in a partnership with developer WTFlightSim. Their goal is to provide simmers with the opportunity to enjoy some of the real-world mystique of Easter Island in Microsoft Flight Simulator, with a high-quality airport that respects the real location and its stunning setting on the southwestern tip of the island.

SoFly says that no area has been left untouched in this scenery, which comes with comprehensive details throughout the entire modeling and texturing of all the airport’s features. Expect high-quality signage, an accurate layout that reflects the current real-world status of the airport, the iconic Moai statues, and more.

SoFly Easter Island Screenshots 35

SoFly Easter Island Screenshots 31

SoFly Easter Island Screenshots 29

SoFly Easter Island Screenshots 22

SoFly Easter Island Screenshots 14

SoFly Easter Island Screenshots 11

SoFly Easter Island Screenshots 6

SoFly Easter Island Screenshots 4

Obviously, the whole experience of arriving at a detailed rendition of Mataveri Airport is augmented by the stunning views of the island, an especially-impressive and welcoming sight after the long hours it takes to traverse the ocean!

Mataveri Airport is now available for Microsoft Flight Simulator. Pricing is set at a quite enticing £7.99 / €8.99 / $9.99 / $14.95 AUD through SoFly’s store, but you can also find this product on all other major vendors. It’s also coming soon to the MSFS Marketplace, where both PC and Xbox simmers will be able to purchase it!

Main features:

  • Lovingly created airport with high-quality UHD textures
  • Stunning scenic approach that takes you right over the cliff edge
  • Amazing island views from all angles of the airport
  • Brimming with local knowledge and features such as the iconic Moai statues
  • An airport that can accommodate all aircraft types and sizes offering you limitless possibilities
  • Outstanding atmosphere of the airport thanks to the pixel-perfect airport signage
  • Excellent performance with a focus on highly detailed modelling
  • Accurate layout, signage, and modelling for the most realistic rendition
  • Made with <3 by WTFlightSim