Pilot Plus releases EGKB London Biggin Hill Airport for MSFS

General aviation pilots have a great new choice for a detailed airport in Microsoft Flight Simulator. London Biggin Hill Airport, located just to the south of Central London, is a history-rich hub for private pilots, and it’s available now as a bespoke creation from Pilot Plus.

Biggin Hill Airport was initially opened during WWI, but it was during WWII that it became famous, playing a vital role during the Battle of Britain as a commanding base for a variety of Spitfire and Hurricane squadrons.

After the War, Biggin Hill Airport eventually fell into civilian use, slowly becoming a popular hub for business jets and similarly sized aircraft. Scheduled flights are not allowed in this airport, so it’s mostly a GA center for private pilots looking for a friendly airfield near London.

Despite its long history, nowadays Biggin Hill Airport features a modern terminal building, overhauled runway, and a variety of useful facilities. The Pilot Plus team took this into account for the re-creation of EGKB for Microsoft Flight Simulator, promising a realistic and authentic rendition of the airfield.

Pilot Plus worked in close collaboration with the airport management to ensure they captured every detail in the airport, from the latest construction development to smaller objects like bin bags, so that simmers can get a feel of what the actual location feels like. Based on the official product images, it seems the developers have managed to capture Biggin Hill’s atmosphere quite nicely, which should make for an impressive new airport to add to your list of third-party creations in MSFS.

London Biggin Hill airport from Pilot Plus was built to be enjoyed alongside the UK World Update, which launched way back in early 2021. Make sure to have that installed to enjoy this scenery to the fullest!

EGKB London Biggin Hill Airport is now available for MSFS, priced at around £13 through Orbx Direct.

EGKB Biggin Hill Airport MSFS 10.jpg

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EGKB Biggin Hill Airport MSFS 1.jpg

Main Features:

  • A high-fidelity rendition of London Biggin Hill
  • Precise terrain of 1-meter accuracy, inclusive of runway slope and the classic biggin bump.
  • Full high-resolution PBR implementation, from buildings to airside clutter and ground
  • Dynamic rain on control tower glass
  • Realistic and accurate night lighting throughout
  • Latest high-resolution ground imagery and airport layout including the new bombardier super hangar