Terrainy Studios announces Brussels South Charleroi Airport for MSFS

Today we have a short development update from Terrainy Studios, who revealed that they are working on a new airport for Microsoft Flight Simulator: Brussels South Charleroi Airport (EBCI), in Belgium.

EBCI is the second busiest airport in Belgium (after Brussels Airport, recently released by Aerosoft), serving more than 7 million passengers per year before the pandemic. It’s an important base for Ryanair, by far the main operator in the airport, serving dozens of destinations across Europe.

Terrainy Studios is now working on a virtual reincarnation of this airport, counting on the collaboration of local flight crews and residents who should be able to provide helpful and accurate details and feedback about the real-world scenery.

Charleroi Airport MSFS 1

For now, there are only a couple of preview shots of this scenery, showing a sneak peek of the external models of the main T1 terminal and the smaller T2.

There’s currently no indication about a possible release schedule for Terrainy Studios’ Brussels South Charleroi Airport, but the developer says that Zakynthos Airport, in Greece, should come out first.

Terrainy Studios is also working on their first aircraft for MSFS, the Van’s RV-8. Unfortunately, we haven’t heard from it for a while, but we reached out to the developers to get some updates concerning its development. We’ll let you know once we get some news!