Discover the Rocky Mountains with Xometry’s latest airport, KEGE Eagle County

Xometry Design has released its second airport for Microsoft Flight Simulator. After launching Victorville Airport, the iconic airplane storage facility in Southern California, the team is now challenging MSFS simmers to explore the striking landscapes of the Rocky Mountains with the release of KEGE Eagle County Regional Airport.

Known to be a particularly dangerous airport due to its elevation, weather, and approach through mountainous terrain, KEGE has been featured as one of the “Most Extreme Airports”, posing a real challenge to pilots who need to carefully evaluate a variety of factors when landing.

Eagle Country Airport can get quite busy during the winter months, with flocks of skiers arriving to enjoy the snowy slopes of the Rockies. It actually becomes the second busiest airport in Colorado (after Denver) during those months. The airport serves short and medium-haul routes operated mainly by American, Delta, and United Airlines.

GA pilots will also enjoy the proximity with the impressive areas nearby, perfect for some sightseeing tours on the weekend while also testing flying skills at higher altitudes. KEGE is also a special place for fans of rotorcraft, as its the base for the “HAATS” high-altitude ARNG Aviation Training Site.

In line with Xometry’s first release, Eagle County Airport was recreated for MSFS with accuracy in mind, featuring detailed buildings and structures, high-resolution textures, custom jetways, and more.

Eagle County (KEGE) is available now through the iniBuilds store, priced at just under $15.

Xometry KEGE MFS Prev 20.png

Xometry KEGE MFS Prev 18.png

Xometry KEGE MFS Prev 16.png

Xometry KEGE MFS Prev 13.png

Xometry KEGE MFS Prev 11.png

Xometry KEGE MFS Prev 10.png

Xometry KEGE MFS Prev 7.png

Xometry KEGE MFS Prev 5.png

Full Features List:

  • Detailed buildings
  • High-resolution ground textures
  • Detailed rendition of KEGE Eagle County Regional Airport
  • PBR normal maps
  • Realistic wear, tear, cracks and stains
  • Custom mesh
  • Custom night lighting
  • Accurately placed, realistic vegetation (3D grass, bushes and trees)
  • High-resolution ortho imagery
  • Custom jetways