MK-STUDIOS releases Cork Airport, in Ireland 🇮🇪,  for MSFS

Irish simmers flying in Microsoft Flight Simulator now have a brand new bespoke airport in their home country, thanks to MK-STUDIOS, who have released their rendition of Cork Airport (EICK) for the simulator.

Cork Airport is the second busiest in Ireland, after Dublin International Airport, and handles over 2 million passengers per year. It’s a focus airport for Aer Lingus and Ryanair, who serve flights to the British isles and also to continental Europe, with more than 40 destinations in total.

MK-STUDIOS has now brought this airport to Microsoft Flight Simulator, after having done the same with the country’s largest, Dublin Airport, in late 2020. Now, just like they did with Portugal (MK-STUDIOS also released the country’s two main airports, Lisbon and Porto), the team is offering a custom model of the country’s second main airport, Cork Airport.

MK Studios Cork Airport MSFS 9

MK Studios Cork Airport MSFS 8

MK Studios Cork Airport MSFS 7

MK Studios Cork Airport MSFS 6

MK Studios Cork Airport MSFS 5

MK Studios Cork Airport MSFS 4

MK Studios Cork Airport MSFS 3

MK Studios Cork Airport MSFS 2

With this project, the developers have created a simple but impressive rendition of this airport, where the transparent glass terminal shows up as the main highlight. But MK-STUDIOS also promises that users will find high-definition PBR textures throughout the location, along with new satellite imagery and elevation data, which allowed the modeling of a sloped runway with a realistic elevation profile.

If you’re planning to visit Ireland any time soon (maybe as a destination for flights aboard the newly released Maddog MD-82, BAe 146, or the PMDG 737), Cork Airport will be a great choice as one of the main airports on the island.

Cork Airport from MK-STUDIOS is now available through Contrail.

Main Features:

  • Cork Airport in very detailed rendition
  • High definition PBR textures
  • Satellite image for the airport area
  • High-resolution elevation data
  • Runway profiles

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