Watch the official trailer for Aerosoft Mega Airport Brussels, coming soon to MSFS

Brussels is about to get one of the most striking airport re-creations yet in Microsoft Flight Simulator with Aerosoft Mega Airport Brussels, which has been in development for quite some time. We’ve seen some teaser images here and there, showcasing the strikingly realistic virtual scenery, which was expected to come out by the end of March. It didn’t quite meet that timeframe, but it seems it won’t miss it by a lot: the official trailer is now out, so we should see this product releasing soon!

Jo Erlend is the main developer behind this project, and his attention to detail is completely off the charts here. Aerosoft has stated before that this scenery is being used as a testbed for many cool techniques and technologies, which they hope to explore in future projects.

Mega Airport Brussels will feature, among other great features, an ultra-detailed terminal interior, custom animations across the whole scenery, and the VDGS docking guidance system. See the trailer below to get a sense of what to expect, courtesy of the talented folks at Aviation Lads:

At this point, we’re basically waiting for a precise release date and pricing for this impressive-looking scenery. Aerosoft should soon provide more details about that, but it should be just around the corner… and it’s coming for both PC and Xbox!