Aerosoft shares first cockpit image of its Airbus A330 for MSFS

Aerosoft is now hard at work on its next airplane for Microsoft Flight Simulator, which will be the third from the studio after the CRJ Series and the Twin Otter. We recently saw the first actual external shot of the aircraft in Microsoft Flight Simulator, but Aerosoft continues to put out little teasers. This week, we get to see the A330 virtual cockpit for the first time!

As usual, it’s Aerosoft’s Mathijs Kok who provides some updated information about the A330’s development. We are now getting more regular updates, as the team started focusing on this project after the main work with the Twin Otter was finished a few weeks ago.

After that first image of the external fuselage from a couple of weeks ago, we’ve since got confirmation that the Aerosoft A330 will feature integration with Simbrief, the popular online flight planner used by many airliner pilots. This functionality will be included in the EFB that is being developed for the A330.

Aerosoft A330 MSFS simbrief 1

Aerosoft A330 MSFS simbrief 2

In terms of visuals, the familiar A330 cockpit is now taking shape, as proved by the latest image that shows a preliminary version of the detailed model and texturing inside the flight deck. It’s still a work in progress (Aerosoft says there are still some layers of wear and dirt missing), but this model should be “one of the cleanest you will have seen in the sim.”

It seems we are now getting small new details fairly regularly, as the development picks up some pace and the A330 starts to take a more appreciable shape. We are naturally expecting a long development time before it’s ready to be released, so stay tuned for further news regarding the Aerosoft A330 for MSFS once they become available.

Aerosoft A330 MSFS cockpit 2
Still with no life to be seen, but the VC is starting to look like the real deal.