MSFS is now available on Xbox Cloud Gaming. Xbox One and mobile devices supported

Microsoft Flight Simulator is soaring to new heights today, with the announcement that our beloved simulator is now available to play through Xbox Cloud Gaming. This effectively brings MSFS to a host of new devices that would otherwise not be capable of running the sim, such as Xbox One, low-cost PCs and laptops, tablets, and even smartphones!

This announcement came straight from Jorg Neumann, who explains some of the benefits of running MSFS through Xbox Cloud Gaming.

The most obvious advantage is naturally the ability to run MSFS in previously unsupported devices. The Xbox One, for example, has been a popular request, and you can now play MSFS on that older console at up to 1080p and 30fps, without the need to install the full package, since it’s all streamed through the cloud.

This also applies to other devices. Laptops, Android and iOS tablets and smartphones, and low-end PCs can also now run the streamed version of MSFS, with support for Bluetooth controllers such as the Xbox Wireless Controller. Just imagine that, playing MSFS in an iPad Pro with an actual Xbox controller!

Jorg also says that the multiplayer experience is the same across the whole spectrum, so everyone shares the same airspace regardless of the device they’re using. Furthermore, World Updates I-VI are automatically available, as are existing Marketplace purchases made on Xbox Series X|S.

This is a truly groundbreaking new move for Microsoft Flight Simulator, further extending its reach to potential simmers who are otherwise prevented from enjoying the simulator, due to the hefty specs. Being available on Xbox Cloud Gaming allows anyone to use their existing devices, as long as they support the much-lower system requirements of the streaming service.