Beautiful Model of the World upgrades Lille Airport for MSFS

The Beautiful Model of the World membership continues to gain value, as the developer keeps putting out new airports that are also increasingly detailed, more feature-rich, and better looking. The latest addition to this collection is an updated version of the airport of Lille (LFQQ), in northern France, which is now available as a standalone purchase or through the BMW membership.

Also known as Lille-Lesquin Airport, LFQQ is located just 15 minutes away from the charming city center of Lille. It serves a lot of domestic traffic to other cities in France, but also a selection of European cities. With around 2 million passengers handled per year, Lille Airport is only the 12th busiest airport in France, but it’s actually a more important cargo hub, ranked 4th in the country.

Each new airport release from Beautiful Model of the World has proven to be an upgrade over its predecessors, with improved visuals and features, in a collection that now includes around 25 airports. At just 32€, at the time of this writing, it’s certainly one of the best deals for MSFS, especially if you fly around Europe and like to discover smaller, regional airports.

Lille Airport, which was initially released last year but now got a significant upgrade, features a very impressive set of new features, and the product images speak for themselves. First, you will find animated jetways, which are not a very common sight. But there’s also a very authentic overall modeling of the airport, with realistic buildings and textures, accurate ground markings, and beautiful night lighting. Even the interior of the terminal has been modeled to a high standard.

Lille Airport MSFS 6

Lille Airport MSFS 4

Lille Airport MSFS 3

Lille Airport MSFS 2

Lille Airport MSFS 1

If you enjoy flying in this region, or are just looking for a nicely detailed new airport for some city hops around Europe, this version of Lille Airport may be a great new choice. As usual, it’s now available to download if you’re already a BMW member. If you’re not, the subscription gives you access to all the previous airports and future ones, along with product updates and access to a support forum. The membership is now priced at 32€, and the earlier you get into it the better, because it goes up with time.

If you’re just interested in getting this particular airport, it’s also available through Simmarket, priced at €9.99.

LFQQ Version 2.0 new features:

  • Animated jetways 
  • Realistic ground markings
  • Stunning night effects
  • High detailed airport
  • Excellent frame rates
  • PBR materials